«The Silence of the Sky» - Warding off fears

 Marco Dutra presents his last production in the International Competition

Fear drip-feeds death. Aching, huge, it hurts the muscles, corrodes the bones, makes the eyelids sleepy and weakens the reason. The tongue numbs and a primary silence suddenly comes up, which quiets down everything. The Silence of the Sky, by Marco Dutra, works on this core idea from all the technical registers and makes use of an incisively precise script to paint a universe which turns from personal to universal in the twinkling of an eye.

Based on Sergio Bizzio's novel and with a screenplay written by great authors -Lucía Puenzo, Caetano Gotardo and Sergio Bizzio himself-, it plunges us into the mind of a man and his worst fears. The starting point, like an initiatory shock, is the rape of his wife, which he witnesses. And under the line of an aversive impotence a raid is triggered which unfolds itself among the search for truth and the internal contemplation when faced with horror.

The harshness of Marco Dutra's lens comes as no surprise. His first full-length film, Trabalhar cansa -co directed along with Juliana Rojas, Latin American Competition 26thedition, drags the spectator into a world as annoying as well known, full of despair, of everyday bluntness, among uncertainties and labor conflicts. Dutra, now with his solo feature debut, knows how to strongly appeal to the interior, the nerve, to show a suffocating world in front of the camera, based on its main characters' primal emotions.

With the powerful performances of Leonardo Sbaraglia and Brazilian actress Carolina Dieckmann, The Silence of the Sky  bursts with visual and narrative strength to put a profound drama on the table, an ominous litany built on the base of silence, secrecy and the most intimate hesitations.

Agustina Salvador




Today, Wed 23, 9.00 am- AUD
Wed 23, 7.50 pm - AUD
Thurs 24, 2.30 - AUD







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