Flashfoward: seventeen films in progress

The WIP –Work in Progress- section implies betting on the future. The works selected are a preview of what we will be able to see in the near future at the Festival or in the cinema. It’s not only about economically supporting filmmakers who want to finish their dream films, but also about the Festival showing support to the new of national cinema.


In this edition, 17 projects were selected, because their theme, artistic, esthetic and narrative content may turn them into significant works.


This is the opportunity for acclaimed directors to share spaces with feature debuters, which allows a selection full shades, diversity and risk.


Adiós entusiasmo, by Vladimir Duran
Al desierto, by Ulises Rosell
Cartografía Bonino, by Martín Sappia
Cetáceos, by Florencia Percia
Construcciones, by Fernando Restelli
Danubio, by Paulina Bettendorff, Natalia Labaké, Agustina Pérez Rial
El árbol negro, by Máximo Ciambella, Damián Coluccio
El fulgor, by Martín Farina, Marco Berger
Extraño, by Natural Arpajou
Kentannos, by Víctor Cruz
La suave noche, by Luz Rapoport, Sofía Bordenave
Los árboles, by Mariano Luque
Los Tarakji, by Fernando Dominguez, Constanza Carbonell, Lautaro Villa, Julia Castro
Mario on Tour, by Pablo Stigliani
Río Mekong, by Leonel D’Agostino, Laura Ortego
Tigre, by Silvina Schnicer, Ulises Porra Guardiola
Vaimborá, byJ uan Sasiaín


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