The Reconquest - The art of Time

It is presented today in the International Competition

It is a film about… the past… Or about the future… it depends on how you watch it… The certain thing is that the new proposal of Jonás Trueba arrives like a raffle of sensations to flood the soul of the spectator. The Reconquest will not leave anybody indifferent; because the last production of the Spanish director is born from the simplicity of feelings. And it builds, from this genesis, a lyric, and at the same time philosophic, path, about the pass of time, the human relations, the promises, and the words-said or written- that create universes of senses, stories that go beyond years, countries, and oblivion.

A man and a woman meet. This is the beginning. Or is it the end? Or is it a story in media res? First love is this place that promises to protect the innocence, the freshness and the hope of the person we have been. But far from this illusory retreat, the protagonist couple is in a Madrid that will give shelter to them in a nostalgic late-night. With some reminiscences of literature and cinema, Jonás Trueba gives us a poetic film about the emotional strength of memories and the perseverance and courage of past life lessons. With an intimate camera that accompanies the intelligent and sensitive dialogues of a meeting meant to be in a handwritten letter, The Reconquest unleashes a sensitive and philosophic universe about the permanence of loves, desires and passions, beyond the life vicissitudes. Do not miss this journey around emotions!

Agustina Salvador




Today, Wed 23, 11.50 am - AUD
Wed 23, 10.20 pm - AUD
Thurs 24, 5.00 pm - AUD



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