Best Argentine Short Film - «Bats», by Felipe Ramírez Vilches

Our documentary attempts to tell the way Bats feel the world, through their love for soccer and their passion to improve themselves. The players give us their image and their voice to something they could never see. What kind of audiovisual would we look for, then? This question made us look for a complex horizon, but not an impossible one; that is, to make a work for sighted people as well as blind people.

This short is about people who made from their condition an option; who took what life had given them and didn’t complain; who stood at the goal of difficulty and put the ball in the top corner. This epic story doesn’t have heroes or voyages, it doesn’t have villains or castles, it  has passion, blood, sweat, tears and soccer… lots of soccer.
Felipe Ramírez Vilches  (Dir.)


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