Alfredo Alcón Award for Best Actor - Mahershala Ali, for «Moonlight»

Poetic, emotional, tremendously moving: it’s very likely that we’re in front of a film that transcends in time as a realistic postcard of what it means to grow up in the first world with all adversities—those which need to stop existing—against you. Trying to discover his own identity, silenced in part by the harsh social context in which he’s being brought up, in poverty, with a single, drug-addicted mother, and trying not to stand out, Chiron survives. An early victim of bullying, his sexual awakening will be intimately related to scarce and curtailed affection. Structured around three key moments in the life of an African American protagonist, Moonlight covers some unusual subjects, such as masculinity in homosexuality, the scars that toughen us up until they silence us and the asphyxiating need to connect with others. In Moonlight, we are all Chiron, a great accomplishment and wise move by Jenkins, who is again part of the International Competition with this powerful demonstration of talent. One of the great films of the year.

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