One of the executed men is alive …The documentary by Laura Lagar and Mario Salvado analyzes the facts previous and subsequent to the executions of José León Suárez that led Rodolfo Walsh to write Operation Massacre.

 "Violence has spattered my walls, there are bullet holes in the windows, I’ve seen a car full of holes with a man inside it whose brains were spilling out—but it’s only chance that has put all this before my eyes (…) Six months later, on a suffocating summer night with a glass of
beer in front of him, a man says to me: One of the executed men is alive”.
Thus, Rodolfo Walsh describes, in first person, the way history slaps one in the face, and how the main characters’ stories enter, sometimes, our own lives without being invited.
Last June, 9th was the 60th anniversary of the executions in the scrap heaps of José León Suárez, what aroused the curiosity of the writer and journalist from Río Negro and inspired him to create his master work, predecessor of the testimonial detective novel, long before Truman Capote wroteIn Cold Blood.
But One of the executed men is alivethe documentary by Laura Lagar and Mario Salvado tells the story beyond Operation Massacre. Through a valuable footage, the story starts with General Juan Domingo Perón becoming the President of Argentina, and continues with a summary of his first two governments until the Coup d’état he faced on September 16th, 1955.
From then on, another film starts, a film about memories of the survivors of the terrorist attack on Plaza de Mayo, the memories of their relatives, and alternates with interviews to the main characters who managed to escape unexpectedly from the executions of that unforgettable 9th of June, 1956.
The work is no less than the portrait of a society that doesn’t forget. Lagar and Salvado rescue Walsh’s courage, and Jorge Cedrón, director of the film adaptation of Operation Massacre, which count on the participation of Julio Troxler, survivor and essential piece in order that the crime doesn´t go unpunished.
Valuable for reasons of historical relevance, meticulous investigation and search of characters, as well as footage, One of the executed men is alive… is the reflection of a country, not only of a period, in which the traces of the past are soaked in a present which is torn between turning the page and move forward or seek for justice for the victims of state terrorism.



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