A new edition represents a new challenge. Selecting the best titles is not only a question of tastes. Each film was selected to be part of the competence because it contains diverse values that merit attention and analysis, and complement themselves with what other proposal offers. Each story represents its own world, the unique vision of a proper and personal universe of each artist or referent group. For this same reason, in this edition different talented juries were chosen, coming not only from diverse corners of the planet, but also from fields related to the cinematographic art, with criteria and perspectives, who will bet on discussion and multiple speeches to award the most outstanding titles.
In this opportunity, the juries not only will provide their artistic eye, but also their intellectual reading of each work, because we are honored to have with us directors, writers, critics, interdisciplinary theorists, presidents of international Festivals who will bet on a dialogue not to establish which film is better, but what title deserves a prize most.
Personal subjectivity is as fundamental as it is criterion, motivation and collective justification at the time of selecting the most outstanding among the outstanding.
Let’s meet the jury of the 31st edition
International Competition Jury
Hans Hurch - He is head of the cultural department, and an editor for music, photography and film, in several international newspapers. Since 1997 he is the director of the Vienna International Film Festival.

Jean-Pierre Rehm - He has worked teaching History, Art and Film Theory in various institutions, from the School of Fine Arts of Lyon to the French Ministry of Culture. 
Since 2001, he is the Director of the Marseille International Film Festival.

Jonathan Rosenbaum
 - Film critic and writer. He served as a consultant for the 1998 reissuing of Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil. and has taught for at Béla Tarr’s FilmFactory in Sarajevo since 2013.

Lorena Muñoz
 - She’s a scriptwriter, director and producer. She wrote and directed 
I Don't Know What Your Eyes Have Done to Me (2003, together with Sergio Wolf), Next to Be Gone (2006), and I Am Gilda (The Latin Music Saint) (2016).

Sylvie Pierre – 
She was part of the intimate circle of Les Cahiers du Cinéma. She worked as a cinema professor, for several institutions in Brasil and in France at the University of Paris VIII, among others. She works for the film magazine Trafic, directed by Serge Daney. In 2014, she published a study in John Ford’s last film Seven Women. 

Latin American Competition Jury

Agnès Wildenstein - A film curator. She worked for the French Cinémathèque, and at the Locarno International Film Festival. She's an associate programmer for Doclisboa.

John Gianvito - He is an award-winning director of The Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein (2001), Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind (2007), Vapor Trail (Clark) (2010), the collective film Far From Afghanistan (2012) and Wake (Subic) (2015).
Marcelo Stiletano - He has worked for La Nacion newspaper for almost four decades. Since 1996, he's a critic who specializes in film and TV in the Entertainment section.

Nelson Carlo de los Santos Arias - He majored in Creative Writing and Cinematography at CalArts. Award winning to Best Latin American Feature in the 30th Mar del Plata International Film Festival for Santa Teresa & Other Stories.

Adirley Queirós
 - Director and screenwriter. He was curator and jury member at festivals and organized various formative encounters in the field of film. His film Branco Sai Preto Fica (2014) received the Best Latin American Film award of the Mar de Plata International Film Festival. 

Argentine Competition Jury
Jinna Lee - She is a programmer at Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF) since 2014, and at the International Intangible Heritage Film Festival in Jeonju city since 2016.

Ted Fendt  - He translate film reviews and did subtitles. He works as a projectionist at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the Anthology Film Archives, and occasionally at galleries and other venues. He has directed three short films and Short Stay is his first feature. 
Julietta Sichel - She is a Czech film producer, film theorist, film historian and former long-term Program Director of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. 
Work in Progress Jury

Georgina Baisch
 - In 2014,she and Cecilia Salimfounded the production company Murillo Cine, which produced its founding film Easy Ball (2015), directed by Juan Fernández Gebauerand Nicolás Suárez, and premiered at the Argentine Competition of the 30th Festival.
John Campos GómezA Peruvian cinephile, he is the director of Transcinema International Film Festival (Peru). He is a programmer for the festivals FICValdivia (Chile), RADICAL (Bolivia), Distrital. Cine y Otros Mundos (México), as well as a Selection Committee member for 3 Puertos Cine (Mexico, Chile, the Netherlands).

Clara Zappettini - 
She was a General Producer at ATC, Canal 7, and head of the Production Workshop at ENERC, as well as of the National Arts Fund in Audiovisual Arts. She is currently the vice-secretary and member of the Film Professional Council in Argentores.


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