WIP – Forward-looking – First part

The competition section Work in Progress awards the most promising national cinema projects. It is a bet to continue de development of quality films and different contemporary perspectives.
17 are the films included in the section WIP of this year. Its directors describe their projects this way.

Vladimir Durán, director of Adiós entusiasmo explains he wanted to explore the particularity of a family universe and its obsolete-out of place- logic. "I think about the family as this closed thing in which some own laws like roots underground and not said in the emotional interchange are displayed”, he explains.

"I came with my previous film El Etnógrafo, after deviating very far from an initial investigation about the captivity of white women in aboriginal lands during the 19th century”, tells Ulises Rossell, director of Al desierto. "The discovery of Comodoro Rivadavia and the Patagonian plateau, the desire to generate own images in the middle of these scenarios and that light, the need to get familiar with the mysteries proper of the place, updated that premise, and triggered this new film”

Cartografía Bonino
is the first feature by the editor from Córdoba Martín Sappia. "Jorge Bonini died in 1990 and erased all his traces”, describes Sappia. "Looking for Bonini is then facing the vacuum. The fantasy is manifested and multiple Boninos appear. Tracing a map of Bonino, mapping Bonino’s territory is only possible through the stories of those who knew him”.

 "Cetáceosis my first feature, a subtle comedy”, explains Florencia Percia. "I explore following the esthetic intention of my previous works, the life of a woman who ventures into loneliness, going far from her reality and questioning her existence”.

At night, the lights of the constructions light the landings with stories”, says Fernando Restelly, director of Construcciones. "This film contemplates, from an intimate perspective, the ways property development affects the building workers everyday life”.

Paulina Bettendorff, Natalia Labaké and Agustina Rial Pérez Rial, directors of Danubio, tell that the project has a personal relation with Mar del Plata:
"An archive, a city, a Film Festival, three spaces in which to investigate the ways of audiovisual construction of memory. The "secret and confidential” footage that has been recently declassified serve us as departure point in the construction of an audiovisual essay to return to the history of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, in a particular time and social political context. 

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