WIP – Forward-looking – Second part

The competition section Work in Progress awards the most promising national cinema projects. It is a bet to continue de development of quality films and different contemporary perspectives.
17 are the films included in the section WIP of this year. Its directors describe their projects this way.

El árbol negro is directed by Máximo Ciambella and Damián Colucci. "In a Qom cemetery, in Formosa, we found Martín, a man sitting along the tomb of this father”, declare both. "Martín told us about the soya and the fence wires. He told us about stories of another world, of people who sent messages through birds and could talk with the beasts and listen to the spirit of the trees. Among these stories there was one in particular that kept reverberating in our minds, the one of the black tree”.
Martín Farina and Marco Berger are the directors of El fulgor, a project that tells the journey of El Toro and Vilmar around the world of troupes, in the company of his friends, sunbathing before going to the club.

"My desire as filmmaker is to tell stories, my desire as human being is enriching me and the others with lived experiences”, tells Natural Arpajou about Extraño, her first feature. The project was born in the cinema workshops the director gives in Villa 21. "I wanted to join cinema and shanty town together in a bigger project than the workshop; tell a mainline story and also the little things of everyday life in the shanty town, what is rarely seen, what does not appear on television”.

La suave noche,
by Luz Rapoport and Sofía Bordenave tells the story of Juan Carmona, and old sea and land lion, funny and charming and with an incredible capacity of improvising and lying. "He is an illuminated lumpen” say the directors. "Carmona’s is one of those stories that make us a little less stupid than usual”.

"Abdel was put a bomb in his house, another one in his studio, and, in addition, his car was shot. The Tarajki ran away from Lebanon to Alberti, Buenos Aires. While the children wander the town, Amani is expecting a baby”. This is de departure point of Los Tarakji, by Constanza Carbonell, Lautaro Villa and Fernando Domínguez.

Mariano Luque director of Los árboles, also departs from a personal experience. "I was raised in a house built by Macias, my landscaper grandfather, but I never had any link with him. Stone walls, enormous trees, a green garden, and in addition, a numerous and complicated family. In his farewell ceremony I met his smallest children, and eventually, I was discovering many traits in common. I suggested film them in El Silencio, a landscape forested by Macias, where they were raised. Finally, I could get close to an outstanding mystery.


Today, Thr 24, 2.00 pm - AMB3


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