WIP – Forward-looking – Third part

The competition section Work in Progress awards the most promising national cinema projects. It is a bet to continue de development of quality films and different contemporary perspectives.
17 are the films included in the section WIP of this year. Its directors describe their projects this way

Víctor Cruz explains that
Ketannos, his new film happens in 2012 in a little town in Costa Rica; Pablo, a man of 90, took me by bicycle to visit his mother of 106. Thus I met Panchita and get his passion for life. Naturally, I wanted to tell her story and the stories of other people close to 100 years old”.

"Mario is one of the varied characters of Santa Teresita. He earns his life interpreting songs by Sandro”, explains Pablo Stigliani, director of Mario on Tour. "He was the driving force of this story; the perfect excuse to reflect about success, about adaptation to reality, not as resignation but as a hopeful trampoline; a simple film that turns into a deep and complex invention of its characters”.

Laura Ortego, Leonel D’Agostino, directors of Río Mekong, say everything started with a Laotian in a town of Buenos Aires province. "It is an image that generated, at the beginning, a strange discordance. Almost nobody knows them and few ask themselves how they construct this hybrid identities, transformed by so distant cultures. In some way, our ancestors-also immigrants-have lived the same transformation. We were attracted, especially because it allowed us to clearly see that ghost floating inside our families”.

Tigre,  the directors Ulises Porra and Silvina Schnicer state: "We have passion for Delta and Tigre. It is one of the few deltas in the world that ends in fresh water. When going up its rivers and into its depth, reality transforms. We filmed a story of characters, in which this isolation, this brutal nature, is essential part”.

describes a personal experience of its director Juan Sasiaín: "I like traveling throughout the country writing stories. Some years ago I started acting in La Casa de los Titiriteros in Traslasierra, Córdoba. And there I met Rufi, the puppeteer of the place. We spent hours drinking wine. He told me his adventures and I listened for hours, as if he were my father. I felt there was a story there asking me to write it, and so I did”. 
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