32 Reasons to Discover the Festival

Once again, the Festival begins! The 32nd edition offers 339 films, 809 screenings and over 40 special activities. 16 screens will be simultaneously switched on to bring the best of national and international cinema. A 10-day film-loving party we can summarize into 32 reasons -among many others- to discover and enjoy a new Festival.




Opening Film - Madame Hyde, Serge Bozon's last film, will be the one to break the ice of this 10-day raid full of cinema. Its director and Pierre León will be present, this time, as an actor.


An Argentine in Pixar - Gastón Ugarte, who worked as an animator in films such as Up, WALL•E and The Good Dinosaur will attend he Festival to present the screening of Coco, Pixar's last film. Additionally, he will discuss with the audience his experience in the animation world.


Master Classes: Vanesa Redgrave - One of the most iconic British actresses comes to the Festival to present her first work as director. Sea Sorrow is a sensitive documentary about the causes and the consequences of the current immigration crisis, presenting the inescapable look of history as the maker of the present.


Lumière! L’aventure commence - Thierry Frémaux -the illustrious artistic director of the Cannes Festival- presents his first work as director, where he performs as curator and reflects about the Lumière brothers’ shorts, throughout 108 restored films.


Master Classes: Sylvie Pialat - The most important French producer of the last years, Maurice Pialat's widow, dialogs with the audience in a very anticipated Master Class.


Claude Lelouch - The prolific Parisian director dialogs with the local public in a Master Class. You can also revisit some of his best films. Moreover, he will be presenting his last work: Chacun sa vie (Everyone's Life).


Zama x 2 - Almost a decade after premiering her last film, Lucrecia Martel comes back with Zama, one of the most expected films of national cinema in the last years. In the 32nd edition of the Festival, we will have the opportunity of watching again this great adaptation of Di Benedetto's novel. Open to all. Free admittance. Additionally, Años Luz will premiere in Latin America. The documentary was made by Manuel Abramovich during the shooting of the film by the director from Salta.


Cine Mar - An outdoor season including the most remarkable national films produced this year in a unique place. Enjoy this special selection of films presented by their protagonists a few feet away from the sea. All of this, open to all and free admittance.


Dialogue: Bozon, Arrieta, Léon - The encounter of these three great filmmakers, whose risky work established them among the most interesting voices of present day panorama will be the excuse for a debate about art, staging and individual world views that are revealed in all of their films.


Lucky - A touching film about religion, old age and those anonymous heroes that are always around the corner. Lucky features the last leading role the gigantic Harry Dean Stanton left us in the debut film of the former actor and current director John Carroll Lynch.


Film.ar - The Zone of the Argentine Audiovisual Production - The Festival presents a space devoted to the fostering of international coproduction for developing projects. Its three markets, LoboLab, LatinArab y Mardoc.Lab, encompass the fostering and promotion of fictional and documentary projects, both national and Latin American, in coproduction with other markets.


Guest of Honor: South Korea - A section devoted to South Korean cinema. From big productions to low budget films that reflect the current state of one of the most successful cinematographic industries in the world. This selection will be accompanied by a delegation of producers, directors and actors who will offer a talk about South Korean cinema.


Maurice Pialat - A Retrospective featuring four of the most important films of the great French filmmaker. Isabelle Huppert, Gérard Depardieu, Sandrine Bonnaire and others take part in those films in which Pialat proves how important he is for the cinematographic universe.


October - Sergei Eisenstein's masterpiece, screened with its original music from 1928, the one its director designed, interpreted by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.


Restored Classics CINAIN - Six key films of national and international cinema in their restored version, thanks to the efforts of rescue and preservation by The Cinematheque and Archive of National Image (CINAIN).


Wonders of the Sea 3D - Jean-Michel Cousteau, the famous submarine explorer's son, records the depths of our oceans with cutting-edge cameras. A visual spectacle both for kids and adults, narrated by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.    


The Best Midnight - As in every edition, midnight is the perfect time for a film-loving party. Films like Robocop, Paul Verhoeven’s masterpiece -restored in 4K!- The Shape of Water -Guillermo del Toro's last brilliant creation- or The Disaster Artist by James Franco. Endless nocturne joy is guaranteed with these films. Those who experienced the season know what we are talking about. And those who didn't, don't know what they're missing.


Musical Nights: Cuarteto Capibaribe - One of the big exponents of Pernambuco’s music renewal, will be interpreting songs of their own and of novel Brazilian composers, in a plural show. 


Zelimir Zilnik - One of the big finds proposed by the Program, the work of this director as radical as unknown on this part of the world. Rebellion, social critique and grace coexist and strengthen each other in his films. The name of this Serbian author will undoubtedly be mentioned when this edition of the Festival is remembered. 



Margaret - Kenneth Lonergan’s cursed feature film, with his original cut that Martin Scorsese managed to rescue from obscurity. A film about coincidences, human bonds, life and death.


Natacha - Two friends with a boundless imagination are the protagonists of Eduardo Pinto and Fernanda Ribeiz’ last film. A story about those precious days of infancy, based on the books by Luis Pescetti, who will attend the Festival.


Retrospectives: Ado Arrietta - A thorough look about the filmography of one of the big referents of independent Spanish cinema. Chameleonic, crafty and poetic, the Festival presents a unique opportunity to revisit this great author's work or to get acquainted with it.


Lo nuevo de Richard Linklater - The Closing Film in this 32nd edition is Last Flag Flying, Boyhood's director's last work, featuring a cast including Bryan Cranston, Steve Carell and Laurence Fishburne. This sort of sequel of Hal Ashby’s The Last Detail is the road movie which will bring down the curtain at the Festival with the excitement it deserves.


Piazzolla, los años del tiburón - Commemorationg the 25th anniversary of Astor Piazzolla's death, the brilliant composer from Mar del Plata, a 5-minutes preview of the documentary to be premiered in 2018 will be screened. From never seen before footage, extraordinary material, tapes, pictures, Super 8 and Piazzolla's voice itself, Daniel Rosenfeld develops a work of great emotional and historical value.


Intervention by Marcos López - The Argentine photographer and plastic artist will be in charge of staging an intervention on the iconic Sea Lion Monument. López has been granted several awards and mentions and his work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the globe.


Musical Nights: Fattoruso - The legendary Uruguayan musician presents, along with his quintet, a new musical proposal: Candombe World Temátika, which fuses classical contemporary avantar-garde candombe and electronic music elements.


Honoring Alberto Sordi - A special tribute to one of the biggest 20th century comedians, an emblematic figure of Italian cinema. Through four films, the Festival proposes a brief cinematographic tour on the rich and essential work of this giant of international cinema. Additionally, you will have the opportunity of seeing Alberto Sordi exhibition. A lifetime in cinema, an incredible collection of images curated by Alessandro Nicosia.


Twin Peaks x 2 - From Lynchtown -that apparently pleasant site that hides the most twisted secrets- comes a 4K copy of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, by the amazing David Lynch. But that is not all: Spanish critics Álvaro Arroba and Fernando Ganzo will discuss the return of the most anticipated series in the last few years.  


Godard and Ruiz’ Rescued Films - Never seen before in Argentina, impeccably restored -in the case of Grandeur et décadence d'un petit commerce de cinéma- and in its final edition, more than 20 years after it was made -in the case of The Wandering Soap Opera-. Jean Luc Godard and Raúl Ruiz’ work create a dialog between the past and the present that only to geniuses of universal cinematography like them can carry out.


Book Presentations - The Festival continues fostering the edition of material related to audiovisual production. Cinegrafías and Homenajes II will be presented, among others.


2 Argentines in The International -  Ulises Rosell and Pablo Giorgelli present their last films, running on the International Competition. Two films representing national cinema among the best of 2017 international cinematographic scene. Don't miss it!


Official Selection: A Book by Thierry Frémaux - One of the most renowned film lovers of the world tells us about the selection process involved in a festival and on its organization. Negotiations, friendship and the rich collection of anecdotes that reflect  Frémaux's critical and precise instinct to select the films that make up the Official Selection and Un certain regard of the Cannes Festival, compiled in over 600 pages.
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