Celebrate the Cinema

Starting a new Festival is always exciting. And the 32nd Edition Opening Ceremony was no exception to that rule. With Astor Piazzola Theater full of personalities of the cinematographic industry, the authentic cinema party was official inaugurated.


The stars delighted us with their presence and the Red Carpet started shining. The expectation for what the night had in store was really high. Axel Kuschevatzky, the event's host, announced the beginning of the anticipated Gala. An expert on the cinematographic universe, Kuschevatzky celebrated the fact that the Festival installs cinema in people's everyday conversations and defined the unique shared experience of being in a movie theater as “a unique incomparable journey”.
Afterwards, the President of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), Ralph Haiek, who expressed the National Minister of Culture, the Provincial Government and Mar del Plata Administration our gratitude for supporting the Festival, particularly thanked the latter's President, José Martínez Suárez, for his relentless passion and determination to carry out, year after year, each one of the editions of this film-loving celebration.
Towards the same direction went the words of Fernando Juan Lima, INCAA’s vice-president, who, in addition to thanking those who filled Teatro Auditorium, remembered “this meeting place of freedom” that belong to the city, a Mar del Plata is, which, according to him, “is part of our history”.
Next, one of the most touching, vibrating moments of the night had place. To inaugurate a series of brief screenings remembering the rich history of the Festival, the white screen on the stage was lighted with the scenes of A Man and a Woman (1967), the and iconic work of one of the guests of honor of this year: Claude Lelouch.
And if all this had not been enough, Banda Municipal delighted the audience with an exquisite live version of Suite de Francis Lai, the multi-aura unforgettable film's soundtrack. When Lelouch himself waved from the first row, the audience, already jubilant, gave a standing ovation to him, paying a truly deserved homage to one of the most notorious creators of the seventh art.  
But the most anticipated moment of the Gala was yet to come: Axel Kuschevatzky introduced, emotively, the ever-cheerful José Martínez Suárez. As expected, the Festival's President -who soon will have been in charge of his functions for ten years- restored to his characteristic sense of humor at the beginning of a sincere speech. He remembered his childhood, his beginnings in cinema, and he was moved when he called for “taking care of Argentine cinema and literature, and our masters”. On the screen, the images told the story of his unforgettable work as director.
Mirtha Legrand, Tita Merello, Graciela Borges and Norma Aleandro -who attended the event and received a flower bouquet from the hands of Ralph Haiek- were included in the tributes the 32nd edition offered.
Finally, Peter Scarlet, the Festival's artistic director, made an expert, cinephile introduction of the Opening film, Madame Hyde, and invited on stage two of the figures who visit us this year: its director, Serge Bozon, and the actor and filmmaker Pierre León. Bozon's words were affectionate and full of excitement, while León -who the Festival devoted a beautiful retrospective in its 31st edition- said he felt at home.  
Everything was ready to joyfully get comfortable in our seats and enjoy the Opening Film: Madame Hyde.
And now, ten days full of cinema are ahead of us. Get your catalogue and get ready to experience a great Festival.

We will be waiting for you!








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