Cielito Lindo

Pixar-Disney's film is a new journey to an animation world full of color and imagination. Miguel has to choose between fulfilling his parents’ expectations or following his greatest passion: music. Presenting a story immersed in the Mexican culture, Coco deals with desires and personal search, the presence of ancestors and, of course, the power of fantasy.
If you tried to tell Coco's plot to an innocent audience of children, it wouldn't come as a surprise that one of the first emotions it would arise would be fear. There is a crime, betrayal, altars commemorating the dead, an afterlife -where most of the film is set- in which the dead still live. However, that world that could belong to the plot of a film by Wes Craven, in Coco, becomes a universe full of magic and fascination.  
This time, Disney-Pixar’s new creation is set in one of the strongest traditions in Mexican culture in the building of yet another one of their lovely animation films: the celebration of the Day of the Dead. Allusions to the most popular icons of the country in question are of course included: sombreros, amusing mariachi bands and even the figure of Frida Khalo.
Addressing the animation quality of a film by Pixar may sound redundant. The visual spectacle is admirable, from the majestic double world inhabited by characters transformed into kinetic skeletons to the details on Miguel's hands -the determined hero of the film- while playing the guitar. Everything becomes a visual attraction. At times, that fantasy cosmos is mixed with elements from a reality that becomes more and more complex in Trump's times: the spirits of the dead are required to go through a security (migration?) control to meet their families, something that, as in real life, doesn't always end well.
Music -the key element on the film- is another strong feature of Coco. The original soundtrack is superb, including beautiful songs and Mexican melodies with gorgeous musical arrangements. In short, it's a good opportunity to get, once more, into the contemporary world of Disney, this time, not with popcorn in hand but with tacos and tamales.
Gustavo Toba
Today, Thu 23, 5.10 pm ALD3



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