Open-air film series!

The Festival invites you to Cine Mar, its open-air film series featuring the best national featured films of 2017. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the projections a few steps away from the sea in a unique place: the Museo Mar esplanade –Camet Avenue and López de Gomara-, presented by their protagonists in a free admittance, open-to-all event.
*Whitdraw your free tickets the day of the screening from 9:00 AM at Museo Mar ticket counter.

November 18
th to 25th
Evening screening (3:00 and 5:00 pm.) Auditorium - Museo Mar 
Night screening (8:00 pm..): Esplanade - Museo Mar


Saturday 18th November
3:00 pm. - Una especie de familia, by Diego Lerman. 
5:00 pm - El tiempo compartido, by Mariano Laguyas 
8:00 pm - La cordillera, by Santiago Mitre 

Sunday 19th November
3:00 pm. - La cordillera, by Santiago Mitre 
5:00 pm. - Temporada de caza, by Natalia Garagiola 
8:00 pm. - Los que aman, odian, by Alejandro Maci

Monday November 20th 
3:00 pm. - Los que aman, odian, by Alejandro Maci 
5:00 pm. - No te olvides de mí, by Fernanda Ramondo 
8:00 pm. - Zama, by Lucrecia Martel 

Tuesday November 21st 
3:00 pm. - Zama, by Lucrecia Martel 
5:00 pm. - La valija de Benavídez, by Laura Casabé 
8:00 pm. - Casi leyendas, by Gabriel Nesci

Wednesday November 22nd
8:00 pm - El fútbol o yo, by Marcos Carnevale 

Thursday November 23rd 
3:00 pm. - El fútbol o yo, by Marcos Carnevale 
5:00 pm - El futuro que viene, by Constanza Novick 
8:00 pm. - Mamá se fue de viaje, by Ariel Winograd 

Friday November 24th
3:00 pm - Mamá se fue de viaje, by Ariel Winograd 
5:00 pm. - Alanis, by Anahí Berneri 
8:00 pm - Sólo se vive una vez, by Federico Cueva 

Saturday November 25th 
3:00 pm. - Sólo se vive una vez, by Federico Cueva 
5:00 pm. - Corralón, by Eduardo Pinto 
8:00 pm - La novia del desierto, by Cecilia Atán and Valeria Pivato

Anahí Berneri’s fifth feature film smartly approaches the predicament of prostitution. Sofía Gala’s performance enshrines her as an actress as she plays the role of a woman who must face all kind of difficulties to raise her daughter. Alanis is bound to cause an impression, with its sound cinematographic registry that presents a vast array of perspectives over this sensitive matter.

Casi leyendas (Almost Legends) 
This Argentine-Spanish co-production, directed by Gabriel Nesci, features the debut of Santiago Segura –Torrente’s creator- in Argentine cinema, who works with Diego Peretti and Diego Torres. The film, which premiered with great repercussion in both countries, tells the story of three friends who try to reassemble their music band 25 years after splitting.

Eduardo Pinto’s fifth feature film, placed at the core of Greater Buenos Aires, tells an overwhelming story of abuse, humiliation and revenge. Two employees at a builder’s yard are forced to overstep every limit. Corralón, with its black and white crude aesthetics, is a harsh metaphor of social inequality and extreme violence. 

El fútbol o yo (Soccer or me) 
Adrián Suar and Julieta Díaz star Marcos Carnevale’s romantic comedy, which deals with a national passion: soccer. Pedro’s fanaticism endangers not only his job but also his relationship with his wife. Produced by Suar himself, this feature film is among the most watched ones this season.

El futuro que viene
Romina (Dolores Fonzi) and Flor (Pilar Gamboa) are two friends who share the changes of different stages of life: children games, the first love, maternity, professional life, maturity. In her debut as a director, Constanza Novick presents a free-of-prejudice vision of the feminine universe through that strange chemistry called friendship.
El tiempo compartido
Mariano Laguyas’ second film was entirely shot in the city of Mar del Plata with a production team, technicians and a cast composed mostly of locals, which made it a milestone in the history of the city. Twenty years after the 12th Pan American Games, hosted in the city, Magui comes back, along with her daughter, to the place where she was involved in a tragic incident.
La Cordillera (The Summit)
Santiago Mitre’s last feature film centers its fiction around an Argentine president that attends a heads of state summit where he will have to make the most important decision of his career. Starring a wonderful cast that includes Ricardo Darín, Érica Rivas and Dolores Fonzi, The Summit was one of the films to enjoy great box office success this year.
La novia del desierto / The Desert Bride
Cecilia Atán and Valeria Pivato’s first film tells the tale of the vicissitudes in the life of Teresa –played by the renowned Chilean actress Paulina García–, a maid who embarks on an unforeseen life-changing journey. With the hypnotizing beauty of the arid landscape of San Juan as stage, this story of devotion and discovery takes us in a touching human voyage.
La valija de Benavídez
With a cast leaded by Jorge Marrale, Guillermo Pfening and the great Norma Aleandro, director Laura Casabé ventures into the fantastic genre with a film full of unsettling moments, sinister atmospheres and a big dose of black humor. Based on a tale by Samantha Schweblin, La valija de Benavidez is an astonishing trip into the mysteries of the artistic creation.

Los que aman, odian (Where There’s Love, There’s Hate)
Alejandro Maci wonderfully recreates a vintage detective story based on a novel by Adolfo Bioy Casares and Silvina Ocampo. Love, revenge and crime get intertwined in a complex plot starring Guillermo Francella and Luisana Lopilato, who play a couple of lovers.
Mamá se fue de viaje (Mom Went on Vacation) 
Prolific director Ariel Winograd makes a new foray into comedy with this story starring Diego Peretti and Carla Peterson. Víctor y Vera had been married for 20 years, but things get messy when she decides to go on a ten-day holiday. A million and a half spectators watched this feature film, that is among the most popular ones of this year in Argentina.
No te olvides de mí
In her debut as a director, Fernanda Ramondo constructs a camper road movie placed in the 30’s. An Italian anarchist who has just left prison embarks on a journey through several towns in the Buenos Aires province looking for his old van and his gamecock. Leonardo Sbaraglia confirms his stellar position as an actor in the cinematographic national scene.

Sólo se vive una vez (You Only Live Once)
Directed by Federico Cueva, this action-comedy film features Peter Lanzani and María Eugenia “China” Suárez, who play a hustler and a prostitute that plot to extort the latter’s clients. The cast includes the legendary Gerard Depardieu and Santiago Segura. You Only Live Once exhibits Hollywood’s spectacularity and takes the leap into quite an unexplored genre in Argentine cinematography.

Temporada de caza / Hunting Season
After losing his mother, Nahuel travels to Patagonia to meet his father –interpreted by a flawless Germán Palacios– an experienced hunting guide who lives in the mountains with his new family. Supported by an amazing photography work, Natalia Garagiola’s first film sensitively delves into the intimacy of the mourning and the contradictions of the father and son relationship.

Una especie de familia / A Sort of Family
Diego Lerman’s fifth feature film deals with a complex issue: the clandestine adoption of babies. Malena travels to a town in Misiones to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. With a solid cast where Bárbara Lennie, Daniel Aráoz and Claudio Tolcachir stand out, A Sort of Family goes from drama to thriller in a plot where decisions and ethical dilemmas are at the center of the action.

In the anticipated fourth film of Lucrecia Martel, nine years after her last movie, the renowned director of La Ciénaga gives life to Don Diego de Zama, a colonial civil servant who waits year after year for a letter that won’t arrive. Based on Antonio Di Benedetto’s namesake novel, Zama,      -that will represent Argentina at the Oscars- is, undoubtedly, one of the cinematographic jewels of 2017.


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