Mar del Plata, November 18, 2017. The 32nd Mar del Plata International Film Festival opened its cycle of four "Conversations Masters" with the director Claude Lelouch, who recalled that the first award he received in his career was in 1965, in the seventh edition of the Festival.

During the talk that was held in the Dauphine Hall of the Gran Hotel Provincial, one of the venues of the Festival, the director of One Man and One Woman, winner of the Palme d'Or and the Oscar award in 1966, the author elaborated on his method of direction and his way of "leaving the endings unscripted so that the film decides its own ending and surprises you, surprises us".

 His way of working is closely related to his way of understanding life itself. "In our lives everything depends on the No and the Yes that we give and receive. What's more, my next movie is going to be called "Yes or No", because the idea is that it reflects the strength of the "yes". In everyday life, the "yes" has all the strength. The first part will be called: Yes, the second part: No. Our whole life is like a confrontation between the Yes and the No, and I would like to reflect that struggle in my film.”

In reply to one of the questions from the public about the national cinema commented that "I have not seen enough Argentine films to have an opinion. But I am sure that the Argentine technicians and directors are excellent; moreover, the Institut Français and INCAA maintain a fluid relationship, "he also stressed that not only in the institutional sphere that relationship was forged but that" the French public loves the realization of Argentine authors".

Since that takeoff in Mar del Plata he directed 59 more films, 47 of them based on his scripts with casts that include all the French stars of the last half century, Lelouch maintains that the cinema is his great love "When I was very Little my mother hid me from the Gestapo in movie theaters, so my love for cinema started from that moment, the love to which I have always been faithful. To whom I have never betrayed, nor will betray in my life. "


Tomorrow at 5:00 pm the second "Conversations with Masters" will be held with the attendance of Sylvie Pialat, one of the most outstanding independent producers in France. The appointment will be in the Dauphine Hall of the Gran Hotel Provincial.


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