Relying on the presence of Sylvie Pialat, the film’s producer. 
Xavier Beauvois arrives in the International Competition with a powerful production based on the consequences of the First World War. The Guardians, the adaptation of the namesake novel by Ernest Pérochon, set in the rural France of 1915, delves into the conflicts following the armed conflict.

The horror of the battles are sent off camera and the lens focuses on life on a farm where the power is in the hands of a matriarchy -since all the men have been sent to war-. In a purely agricultural economy, women fight another battle, struggling with daily, isolated work. This drama transcends devastation to center on a distressing struggle in the face of a stumbling social logic.
With remarkable mastery, Xavier Beauvois leaves his indelible mark, always focusing on the social dimension of the story, portraying the cursed century from a sensitive transversal side where political and social changes have destructive effects for human life.

It is that moment when you must face future with no compass at all.

Agustina Salvador
Today, mon 20, 11.30 am, AUD
Today, mon 20, 10.20 pm, AUD
Tue 21, 2.40 pm, AUD



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