It was presented by the Ministry of Culture, Pablo Avelluto, the INCAA President, Ralph Haiek, and José Martínez Suárez, the Festival’s president. The artistic director, Peter Scarlet, displayed the main attractions of this edition.

Buenos Aires, November 7, 2017.  Today, The Mar del Plata International Film Festival, organized by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts ( Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales -INCAA), released the programming of its 32nd edition, which will take place from 17 to 26 November, and in which there will be more than 300 films from 93 countries.

The ceremony was attended by the Ministry of Culture, Pablo Avelluto; the INCAA President and Vicepresident, Ralph Haiek and Fernando Juan Lima; and José Martínez Suárez, the Festival’s president; the artistic director, Peter Scarlet, and the general producer, Rosa Martínez Rivero.

"Each new Argentine film, and the current issue of an ever growing Festival, are a celebration of our cinema," said minister Pablo Avelluto while celebrating "the variety and number of special and outdoor activities, which will make the cinephile audience enjoy one of the most wonderful cities in our country."

 On the other hand, the INCAA President, Ralph Haiek, thanked the efforts that were made to "achieve a Category A festival" and noted that this is a great opportunity to boost national talent. Haiek highlighted the realization of FILM.AR, the space made up of the LoboLab, MardocLab and LatinArab markets, which will have 48 projects belonging to the winners of the development competitions throughout our country (21 fiction films and 27 documentaries), and which will be presented to national and foreign producers ".

The INCAA Vice-president, Fernando Juan Lima, signaled that “an exceptional programming was achieved” and therefore Mar del Plata will be the venue of a true film fest”.


There are six official competences at the festival: International, Latin American (short films and feature films), Argentina (short films and feature films) and Work in Progress.


The jury of the International Competition is made by the director and writer Kenneth Lonergan, who will present “Margaret” in the especial projections; the producer Amedeo Pagani; the actress Érica Rivas; the critic Boyd van Hoeij; and the artistic director of the Cannes Directors' Fortnight, Edouard Waintrop.


Fourteen films will compete for the Astor award. Those  are  “5 Therapy”, by Alisa Pavlovskaya  (Ucrania);  “A fábrica de nada”, by Pedro Pinho (Portugal ); “Al desierto”, by Ulises Rosell  (Argentina, Chile); “Columbus”, by Kogonada  (United States of America); “El silencio del viento”, by Álvaro Aponte-Centeno (Puerto Rico); “Koloku”, by Ben Russell (France, Germany) ; “Invisible”, by Pablo Giorgelli (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Germany, France);

“Les Gardiennes”, by Xavier Beauvois (France, Switzerland); “Primas”, by Laura Bari (Canada, Argentina) “Ramiro”, by  Manuel Mozos (Portugal); “Cho-haeng”, by Kim Dae-hwan (South Korea) “Thelma”, by Joachim Trier (Norway, Sweden, France, Denmark); “Wajib”, by Annemarie Jacir (Palestine, France, Germany, Colombia, Norway, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and “Western”, by Valeska Grisebach (Germany, Bulgary and Austria).


The actress and director Vanessa Redgrave, who is among the outstanding personalities of this edition, will present her debut "Sea sorrow" and the restored version of "Blow up", by Michelangelo Antonioni, and will also give a lecture on one of the traditional Charlas con Maestros (talks with masters) .


The guest of honor country will be The Korean Republic, and will bring a large delegation that will present its programming; there will be a focal point on the Centennial Of The Russian Revolution, which will include the restored revision of "October", Sergei Eisenstein and Grigoriy Alexandrov; a special presentation of "Lumiere" will be made, the film by Thierry Frémaux, which in recent years has been dedicated to the restoration of Lumiere films, among numerous other activities, such as free performances at the MAR Museum.


The president of the festival, José Martínez Suárez, expressed that the ten years that he has been in this position have been “the best” in his life because he has  witnessed “how the Argentine film industry has grown” and he hopes "that it will continue on an upward, determined and powerful march".


On the one hand, the artistic director, Peter Scarlet, explained that the programming “aimed at mirroring the hot current affairs in the world, such as the refugee crisis, global warming, work, homeless people or traditions that are lost ". On the other hand, he signaled that “Moonlight” was the award winning film in Mar del Plata’s previous edition, and later won an Oscar to the Best Feature Film.


“Madame Hyde”, by Serge Bozon, who will attend to present his film, will be played at the opening of the Festival on November 17; while at the closing there will be a tribute to Astor Piazzolla executed by Quinteto Piazzolla and, in addition, there will be an advance of the documentary about the musician from Mar del Plata, directed by Daniel Rosenfeld (work in progress).


The full programming is available at, where tickets can be bought in advance; regular tickets are $40, and $20 for students and retired. The tickets can be purchased at the ticket office as of November 17.  




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