The Silent Cry

Pablo Giorgelli, Mora Arenillas y Diego Cremonesi present the film, running in the International Competition.


 The director of the multi-award winning film Las acacias (2011), this time points a sensitive camera at what is imperceptible. And he does it twice. Ely, a 17 years old teenager, leads her life as is she could escape the look of the others. Invisible is the protagonist in the eyes of the world and also the conflict yet to come. In the context of an absent family, a depressed mother and a State that acknowledges its own lack of power, Ely will have to bridge over the mutism that surrounds her.



Pablo Giorgelli manages to trace a path with no destination with visual intensity, where long scenes work as a way of portraying a world of oblivion in which institutions are invisible as well. Loyal to his naturalistic imprint, full of precise dialogues and eloquent silences, it aims at the core of the social conflict to emphasize not only the issue but also a system that is both witness and accomplice.
Mora Arenillas unfolds the formidable interpretation of a young lady forced by the circumstances to grow up fast. Invisible crudely and hypnotically warns us about social lack of interest when it comes to support those who have no voice.



Agustina Salvador



Today, Thu 23, 12.00 pm AUD
Today, Thu 23, 10.10 pm AUD
Fri 24, 2.30 pm AUD


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