Today, Álvaro Aponte Centeno presents his film, running in the International Competition.

Human beings are a sea of exile. How do we portray the grief of leaving things behind? Or the sorrow of being in a cold place that won't welcome us? Álvaro Aponte Centeno chooses, for his first film, to explore that hostile universe revealed in front of the tired eyes of the newcomers. And he does so set in the gorgeous landscapes of Puerto Rico, masterfully unfolding the roughness of the immigration crisis.  

In that contrast is where the narrative power of Silence of the Wind, which will have its world premiere at the Festival, lies. Through frames of exceptional beauty and paradisiac natural locations, Centeno manages to detect individual and collective tragedies from the core of the issue.

The waves of migration, modern slavery, disorientation, the illegal business of hiding the exiled and identities that get lost join with a surly character as a starting point, a man who holds the horror mise en abyme in his silence and brief interventions. Silence of the Wind proposes an urgent debate with no euphemisms or indifferent attitudes and delves, with a sold script as a starting point, into the cultural limitations given by language and identity that unleash a dormant violence.


Agustina Salvador 


Today, Mon 20, 9.00 am, AUD
Today, Mon 20, 8.10 pm, AUD
Tue 21, 5.40 pm, AUD


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