Enlightening the Past

The Cinematheque and Archive of National Image (CINAIN) is a public organization that aims at rescuing, restoring, maintaining, preserving and sharing the audiovisual national and universal heritage. This section is a sample of its efforts. Fernando Madedo, CINAIN organizing delegate, was in charge of this schedule.
All that Jazz - Bob Fosse - United States - 1979
The classical American musical, inspired in the professional life as dancer of Fosse himself, granted four Oscar awards.   
Park Circus presentation.
Restoration performed by 20th Century Fox and Academy Film Archive.
Blow-Up –  Michelangelo Antonioni – Italy - 1966   
The Italian master's look about the effervescent swinging London in the sixties. Based on a tale by Julio Cortázar and featuring David Hemmings and Vanessa Redgrave -who will attend the 32nd edition-.
Criterion, Cineteca di Bologna e Istituto Luce – Cinecittà presentation.
Restoration performed at Criterion and L'Immagine Ritrovata.
Camila – María Luisa Bemberg, Argentina, 1984. The tragic love story involving Camila O´Gorman and the priest Ladislao Gutiérrez, nominated for the Oscar Award for Best Foreign Film.
Restoration performed at Cinecolor Argentina under the supervisión of Lita Stantic.   
Presented by Lita Stantic (producer), Susú Pecoraro (actress) and Graciela Galán (costume designer).  
Los guantes mágicos  - Magic Gloves – Martín Reijtman, Argentina, 2003
A key film in the filmography of one of the most innovative and unique directors of the national scene. Featuring Gabriel “Vicentico” Fernández Capello and Valeria Bertuccelli.
Museo de Cine Pablo C. Ducrós Hicken presentation.
Restored at Cinecolor.
Lucía - Humberto Solás, Cuba, 1968
This is the first film of the Cuban filmmaker, which offers a look about the fundamental role of women in the process of the Triumphant Cuban Revolution.
Film Foundation presentation.
Restored by Cineteca di Bologna at L´Immagine Ritrovata lab in collaboration with ICAIC.
Pizza Birra Faso – Israel Adrián Caetano y Bruno Stagnaro*, Argentina, 1998
The fundamental work of Caetano and Stagnaro, wich represented a milestone in the birth of what is known as the “New Argentine Cinema”. Premiered 20 years ago in the 14th edition of the Festival.   
Presented by CINAIN.
Restoration performed by Plan Recuperar DAC/ Gotika.
Its authorities will attend the Festival along Marcelo Lavintman (the film’s director of photography).


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