Snapshots of Rebellion

Loyal to its tradition of organizing retrospectives that draws us close to the big authors of the history of cinema, on this 32nd edition, the Festival presents one of the most daring and intransigent directors of European cinema, Želimir Žilnik.

By the end of the 60’s, a group of restless young Yugoslavian directors shook the panorama of European cinema: their films shared the disappointment with Mariscal Tito's Government policies, mordant social criticism and a free formal search. The critique and the Western public discovered them when the Berlin Film Festival decided to include them in a Yugoslavian cinema season, but the movement got authentic recognition in1969, when Želimir Žilnik was awarded the Golden Bear for his debut film, Early Works.             

Žilnik's first film is a Molotov cocktail accurately thrown. If two years before, Godard had portrayed a group of young men obsessed with the theoretical study of communism in La Chinoise, the revolutionaries in Žilnik 's film are in for action. They go around Yugoslavian towns trying to wake up the proletariat and encouraging them to seize power. Soon, contradictions arise and that is what Žilnik emphasizes, managing to make communist and liberals equally uncomfortable. In Early Works, political rebellion is correlated with aesthetics, given reinventing society necessarily implies reinventing cinema, and references to Lumière confirm it.       

But Žilnik's talent and commitment were not limited to his youth. The only way to overcome the paradox of being financed by the same State that censored him was, naturally, to go into exile. In Germany, he continued an increasingly eclectic work -documentary, comedy, political satire, television specials- following the same intransigent line: telling stories from and for the margins of society.

From Marble Ass -a comedy in a sub-universe of travesties and veterans of war- to The Old School of Capitalism -which could practically be a third-world anarchic sequel of The Big Short (2015)- all of Žilnik's films end up completing the same revolutionary and cinematographically solid puzzle where each piece shines by its own light.


Cristian Ulloa


Black Film / Crni film / Película negra, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1971 - 14’

Brooklyn - Gusinje / Bruklin – Gusinje, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1988 - 85’

Early Works / Rani radovi / Primeros trabajos, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1969 - 75’

For Ella / Za Ellu / Para Ella, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1997 - 10’

Inventory / Inventur - Metzstrasse 11 / Inventario, by Zelimir Zilnik - Federal Republic of Germany - 1975 - 9’

June Turmoil / Lipanjska gibanja / Crisis de junio, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1969 - 10’

Kenedi Is Getting Married / Kenedi se zeni / Kenedi se casa, by Zelimir Zilnik - Serbia - 2007 - 80’

Little Pioneers / Pioniri maleni mi smo vojska prava, svakog dana ničemo ko zelena trava / Pequeños pioneros, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1968 - 18’

Marble Ass / Culo de mármol, by Zelimir Zilnik – Federal Republic of Yugoslavia - 1995 - 87’

Oldtimer / Stara masina / Veterano, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1989 - 81’

Paradise - An Imperialist Tragicomedy / Paradies. Eine imperialistische Tragikomödie / Paraíso - Una tragicomedia imperialista, by Zelimir Zilnik - Federal Republic of Germany - 1976 - 60’

Pirika on Film / Pirika na filmu / Pirika en el cine, by Zelimir Zilnik - Serbia - 2013 - 53’

Silo Danube, Vukovar — Silos Dunav, Vukovar, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1993 - 1’

The Comedy and Tragedy of Bora Joksimovic / Komedija i tragedija Bore Joksimovica La comedia y tragedia de Bora Joksimovic, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1977 - 30’

The Old School of Capitalism / Stara skola kapitalizma / La vieja escuela del capitalismo, by Zelimir Zilnik - Serbia - 2009 - 122’

The Second Generation / Druga generacija / La segunda generación, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1984 - 90’

The Way Steel Was Tempered / Tako se kalio celik / Así se templó el acero, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1988 - 101’

Throwing Off the Yolks of Bondage / Do jaja / Arrojando las yemas de la esclavitud, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1996 - 12’

Tito Among the Serbs for the Second Time /  Tito entre los serbios por segunda vez, by Zelimir Zilnik - Yugoslavia - 1994 - 43’


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