With a selection of unmissable works and screenings presented by their own authors, the focuses and retrospectives of this edition make up an essential list of films you cannot ignore. France, Argentina, Yugoslavia, the United States, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Italy and England, presented in a mosaic so as to show the best of the international and historical panorama exactly in the place they were conceived for: a good movie theater.


To contemplate and understand what is coming, you have to look what has already happened. This expression applies to every historical analysis and the cinematographic universe contributes year after year with clear examples of a golden age in perpetual motion.

The revision of the past the Festival proposes in every edition is expressed through a series of focuses and retrospectives for all audiences of all ages. It is an exhibition of diverse genres, eras and emotions. The cinephilic community will have the opportunity of enjoying impeccable restored copies of films that marked a turning point -from Pizza Birra Faso by Adrián Caetano and Camila by María Luisa Bemberg, to October by Sergei Eisenstein and Grigoriy Aleksandrov and Lucía by Humberto Solás- and radical works that left and indelible impression for future generations -the unmissable retrospective devoted to Yugoslavian director Zelimir Zilnik, with 19 films made from the resistance, such as Early Works, Paradise - An Imperialist Tragicomedy and Marble Ass.

In this line of retrospectives, names like those of the French directors Claude Lelouch and Maurice Pialat take us to think of a recount of their most important films, with starring crews of international stature. Relying on the presence of Lelouch himself and Sylvie Pialat -Maurice's wife and the producer of several of the main films of the last years-, the screenings will be unmissable events for every spectator.

Another attending figure will be the chameleonic Ado Arrietta, a recurring visitor of the Festival, who will dazzle us with a big part of his short and feature films. His work is bathed in filmophile -his admiration for Jean Cocteau and Robert Bresson is evident but this artist's works always carry his signature- and a poetic sensitivity that climaxes in Les intrigues de Silvia Couski, Belle Dormant and Flammes.

And for the lovers of those strange worlds where everyday things that appear to be normal coexist with sinister and twisted elements, the section Generation VHS offers a selection of films every movie theater would like to screen in the best possible quality: from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me by the incomparable David Lynch, to the labyrinthine and extreme journey of Body Double by the master Brian de Palma, among other jewels.

The Festival theaters are patiently waiting for everyone who wants to enjoy these masterpieces on the big screen, with the image and sound quality they deserve and the opportunity to see several authors at that same place, accompanying their most precious works. 


Ezequiel Vega



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