The LatinArab Co-production Forum, an initiative of the Asociación Civil Creciente Cine Fértil para la Promoción de la Diversidad Cultural, together with INCAA and the International Film Festival of Mar del Plata, in its second edition, presents a new occasion for continuing to expand this south-to-south cooperation over audiovisual materials and the coming together of peoples.

This year, twelve projects were selected from six nations on four continents, in stages of development and postproduction, proposed here as co-productions between at least one Latin American and one Arab nation, also allowing for partners from other nations of other regions. All of these are projects have the potential to be coproduced from Argentina.

Through its competitive –with 40,000 dollars in prizes – and non-competitive activities, the Forum contributes to the gestation of projects and collaboration among industry professionals of Latin America and Arab nations, promoting equality and equity in both regions




El triunfo del fracaso - D: Eduardo de la Serna

La mano de Dios - D: Pablo Giorgelli

León, un sirio en Japón - D: Belén Asad, P: Florencia de Mugica

On the Crossbar - D: Sami Tlili, P: Dora Bouchoucha

Boabdil - The Last Sultan - D: Antonio Banderas, P: Alex Sutherland

Gilgamesh - D: Tomás Lipgot, P: Hook Up Animation

Ojos de arena - D: Alejandra Marino, P: Jorge Rocca

Primero tomamos Anillaco - D: Paula Martel, P: Christoph Bell

Río de Janeiro - D: Sabah Haider, P: Ziad Touma






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