«Madame Hyde» opens the Festival

The 32nd Festival is here! And Madame Hyde, along with the presence of its director, Serge Bozon, is the film that will bring the screen to life in Astor Piazzolla theater, breaking the ice of this ten-day film season.  Pierre Léon will also be there, doing a very interesting role in the last work of the French director.
And when we say “bring the screen to life”, we mean it literally. Multifaceted Serge Bozon, a director, film critic and actor, comes to the Festival with the strength of a provoking film -both because of the story and its forms- revolving around the conflicts of public education and the inherent violence in the vertical relations of power. All of this, signed by the extrapolation of the literary characters Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, incarnated in a school teacher facing the frustration her profession generates.
Madame Hyde focuses, with a smart subtle sense of humor, in the human interaction in the educational sphere. Bozon manages to link, with unusual hyperrealism, the psychological conditions of those who pass on knowledge to that of who receive it. As liberated energy that goes from one physical body to the next, knowledge flows and inevitably affects both parties. And formidably combines the supernatural elements to maximize the chaotic arrhythmia of generational miscommunication.
The interesting cinematographic match with Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde can be seen in the search for reasons, the dissection of evil and the attempt at understanding from an almost psychological side, the causes behind human acts. For every action, there is a reaction. The construction of the profile of this woman, who fluctuates between two personalities, is stunning. It is complemented by an Isabelle Huppert that transcends the screen with her performance, characterized by little gestures and overwhelming eloquence, thanks to which she was awarded Best Actress at the recently-celebrated Locarno Festival.
There is no better start for a Festival that is waiting for you with over 300 films and 750 screenings. Let's enjoy it!
Agustina Salvador


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