The International Film Festival of Mar del Plata presents the second edition of Mardoc.Lab with the objective of fostering the internationalization of Argentine documentary film projects. The objective is to promote the production of a documentary cinema with the potential for international co-production, in order to open possibilities for distribution and commercialization in different markets, with a view towards the innovation of business models.

Mardoc.Lab offers the opportunity to know the twenty-four projects awarded with the Development Award ("Premio al Desarrollo”) by INCAA (the Argentine National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts). These twenty-four projects also form part of the Incubator Program that has the aim of fostering the quality of production and the international projection of Argentine documentary film.

During five days, Mardoc.Lab will put at their disposition, tools that will allow Argentine producers to elaborate better strategies for financing, promoting and distributing their films in international territories.




2 + 2 = 5 - D: Cecilia Astelarra, P: Martín Froilán Lapissonde

Inside Myself I´m DancingD: Leandro Koch, P: Andrew Sala

Argenta Preservation Society - D: Laura Tusi, P: Nicolás Münzel Camaño

Chabrés, the Invisible Gift - D: Marcelo Martínez, P: Matías Tamborenea

Nonmoral UpbringingD: Jorge Leandro Colás, P: Carolina M. Fernández

The Downfall of Human memoryD: Alejandro Fernández Moujan, P: Nicolás Carreras

The TremorD: Laura Linares, P: Santiago Van Dam

Between Shores, Notes from Exile - D: Gustavo Adolfo Carbonell, P: Marisa Hassan

Hairdressing School - D: Leonora Kievsky, P: Valeria Bistagnino

Geovany Ain´t Wanna Be Rambo - D: Alfredo Srur, P: Luis Ángel Mentasti

Maize Daughters - D: Alfonso Gastiaburo, P: Ana Taleb

Story of a Gown - D: Paula Kleiman, P: Daniel Guzmán

Jujuy Native and  Metalhead - D: Fernando Romanazzo, P: Cristian Pirovano

Traces of Salt - D: Cristian Cartier, P: Martín Longo

The Excuse of the American Dream - D: Florencia de Mugica, P: Laura María Tablón

The Real Image D: Pablo Montllau, P: Mariano Fernández

The Girls - D: Julieta Sans, P: Gabriela Cueto

The Flare D: Alejandra Almirón, P: Sergio Criscolo

Mirrors of Nature - D: Gabriel Zaragoza, P: Maximiliano Schonfeld

Being a Wetland - D: Joaquín Pedretti, P: Adolfo Cardozo

Crystal World D: Carolina Testa, P: Paola Suárez

Patagonia 1900 - D: Diego Lumerman, P: Clara Suárez

Socialeros - D: Luciana Assandri, P: Ana Pelichotti

Ziline - D: Sergio González, P: Fernando Bermúdez




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