The Argentine director Laura Bari presented her film "Primas" together with Rocío Alvarez and Aldana Bari, its protagonists.

Mar del Plata, November 23, 2017.- At the 32nd Mar del Plata International Film Festival, "Primas", by the director Laura Bari, was presented at the International Competition with the presence of Rocío Alvarez and Aldana Bari.

Primas is a story of two Argentine teenagers who share, in addition to the family bond, the burden of having suffered acts of violence that interrupted their childhoods. Dance, theater and corporal expressions are tools to create dialogues in a narrative that goes through their bodies.

"It is a work of art but it is also an act of love" mentioned the director about her work, and who also developed a concept that crosses the entire film. "We work with the body to say what cannot be said in words. Rocío, shows us the marks of what happened to her and Aldana, the invisible of what happened. "

Regarding the expectations generated by this work of non-fiction, which makes public the protagonists own pains, Rocío Alvarez, one of the protagonists of the film, mentioned "I hope this is useful for people to talk, to talk about this issue, so that it is not a taboo.  People should talk about this, because people usually remain silent. The film is an invitation to speak loudly and also to transmit the art.

 Aldana Bari explained "my expectation is that, through the communication of our experience, other people who have had a bad time, also talk about such experience. Communicating frees you, you begin to grow, to work on what happened to you and it is not forgotten. Working from art, something that we like and unites us, is a way to transform all that and offer it to others. "

"Primas" is part of the International Competition, which consists of thirteen films that will be screened during the ten days of the Festival and will be evaluated by Érica Rivas, Edouard Waintrop, Amedeo Pagani and Boyd van Hoeij and Catalina Sandino Moreno.



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