The Short Films in Competition will be screened today. The following are the director´s statements.  
Son, by Alejo Santos – Argentina – 2017 – 8´
This short film is born in the experience with distance and my recent becoming a father. It also has a political-environmental aura. I don't like the word “manifesto”, but the protagonist's words have their own weight and they go beyond his relationship with his son. Aside from that, science fiction is a genre that is always very critic of its contemporary society.


Let Us Now Praise Movies, by Nicolás Zukerfeld – Argentina – 2017 – 9´
I started shooting this film by chance. First, I had an expired 16 mm film that I had been given and that I kept for a while and some friends needed to shoot fireworks for a short film in my girlfriend's parent’s rooftop. Then, because of Manny Farber, an American painter and critic I had become interested in, whose texts hadn't been translated.  I was going through one of his texts and I thought the character interpreted by Lucas Granero (a friend, a critic and a filmmaker) could translate these during the movie and that we could go further into that little script outline. I think of this short film as a microscope that allows me to see people serving coffee, translating, making photocopies, looking for a job, drawing or shooting; performing little tasks as termites, lighted by a candle. 
Motocross, by Francisco Chiapparo – Argentina – 2017 – 15´ 
After almost two years without shooting I decided to embark on a project that reflected the concerns that I accumulated across these years. The challenge with Motocross was to make a comedy about the frustration of Vero, an unemployed actress facing the 30-year crisis who is about to go to an audition, something that happens to be embarrassing to her, in the hope that it’s just a phase.  I was keen on showing how optimistic she is in spite of the frustration she experiences and, of course, I experience as well.

No!, by Pedro Maccarone, Max Franco  - Argentina - 2017 – 12´
This film appeared as a response to the frequent and increasingly worrying cases of gender abuse that have been threatening Argentina in the last few years. Our intention was to show, through a sequence shot, how easily and crudely these terrifying stories take place; stories that, unfortunately, are real. The horror genre is our trademark as filmmakers and we were sure it was going to perfectly match the theme, which was our inspiration to create our own story.

Crushed, by Jazmín Stuart – Argentina – 2017 – 13´ 
This is a little tale I wrote many years ago, which reappeared now that I was looking for a plot to shot a short film. Dark humor and the tragic romantic genre attracted me to acting and directing. These, and the idea of telling a story almost without leaving a car.


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