«Watch as many films as you can»

The highly anticipated Press Conference took place  at the National Museum of Decorative Arts, where the complete Official Program of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival was presented.
Pablo Avelluto -Ministry of Culture-, Ralph Haiek -National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts, INCAA’S President- Fernando Juan Lima -INCAA’s Vicepresident-, José Martínez Suárez -the Festival's President-, Peter Scarlet -Artistic Director- and Rosa Martínez Rivero -General Producer- welcomed the 32nd edition and made official the publication of the new Program.

Minister Avelluto was in charge of the opening of the event. In his opening words, he highlighted the Festival's prominence, being the most important in our country and “the only one granted a ‘Category A’ in the region”. After celebrating the value of the collective work in the production and the organization teams behind the Festival, he emphasized its role as a meeting point for the whole audiovisual community and expressed “the commitment to making Argentine cinema more visible” and his desire to support its insertion in the global agenda “in a firm, determined manner”.

Ralph Haiek, for his part, remarked the role of promotion programs such as Film.ar -through which, he mentioned, “over 48 projects were monitored”- and how necessary it is to work conjointly with other countries, which “enables nations to have the opportunity of exhibiting and distributing what is produced locally” outside the national range.

Fernando Juan Lima called for “maintaining the good things that have been already built.” By remarking the importance of the film programmers when it comes to prioritizing the diversity of the cinematographic proposals, he praised “the debating space” each edition gives room to.             

On the other hand, the Festival's President, José Martínez Suárez, surprised by stating the ten years he spent in his position were the best of his life and expressed his desire of seeing national cinema thrive in an “ascending, determined and powerful” way.

Afterwards, the Festival's promotional spot was screened in a theater not only attended by the public and the press, but also by several directors, actors and protagonists of the cinematographic scene.

Last but not least, Peter Scarlet, the Festival's artistic director, welcomed the 32nd edition once more and suggested a thorough tour through the diverse sections and films that make up the Program. While doing so, he remarked, with his film-loving spirit, that the best way of approaching the Festival is “simply by watching as many films as you can.”    


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