International Competition

Golden Astor for Best Feature Film - «Wajib»

In her third feature film, Annemarie Jacir delves into the topics and obsessions of her previous work. The first Palestinian woman to direct a film -Salt of This Sea, 2008- is back on the game with a social and political critic from the center of the family institution itself.
As an asleep implosion, Shadi goes back from Rome for her sister's wedding. In the context of the re-encounter with her father and their daily pilgrimage to deliver, door by door, the wedding’s invitations, dormant differences will awake to express what hasn't been said.
Back in her motherland, Shabi finds a country on the verge of immutability. Her father, who has never left Narazareth, is presented as the element defending the tradition, the denier of all that is foreign. Mohammad y Saleh Bakri, father and son in real life, transcend the screen in their bond’s complicity and represent a zero point to understand the reality of a region under constant conflict.
From the inside to the outside, from individuality to universality, the familial background presents very accurately, in a lovely journey through the narrow streets of the Palestinian city, the arguments around labor conditions, culture, women and personal freedom. Annemarie Jacir keeps faithful to her style and offers a political film, in every sense of the word.


Agustina Salvador


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