Golden Astor - «People That Are Not Me»

The beginning was getting into the skin of her character. From Joy’s bowels, Hadas Ben Aroya creates a narrative that dissects the raid of emotions of a 25-year old girl. Particular, from an intrinsic "self”, but macro in its projection, People That Are Not Me dives into the immensity of moods, wonderfully addressed by the creation of suffocating, claustrophobic environments, of extreme excitement and loneliness that hurt.


The young Israeli director develops a character lost in her own present of dislike, anchored in a past that does not forget. With natural and organic performances, with an acerbic script, of sensitive humor and sarcastic observation, she achieves, in her precise debut feature, to dissect conflicts, fears and universal vulnerabilities, from a close camera and hypnotic travelings

In the International Competence, Hadas ben Aroya presents a film that is born from the introspection to portray the biggest fears common to a whole generation. And displays scenes full of wanders, of so close and so far sex- sex just as a confirmation of primary loneliness- and much music, that accompanies the actions as another main character in the scene.



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