Silver Astor Best Director - Radu Jude, for «Scarred Hearts»

Fortunate is who keeps the hour of his death ever present and prepares for death each day.Max Blecher, -the ill poet-, was in a clinic in Berck, on the French coast, suffering from tuberculosis. Due to this hospitalization, in constant contact with suffering and death, the book Scarred Hearts is born. Radu Jude takes the existentialist novel by Blecher and makes a film based on his suffering, but specifically departing from the question reverberating in the novel, What is it what is me? Blecher writes as the only way to escape pain. Emmanuel- the author’s alter ego-, gets used to lying due to his plaster corset and finds the body world as a jail and a youth in an immense parenthesis, retained in a hospital with dubious healing practices. Amidst the disease, life goes by between physical limitations and emotional distress, in a parable of the human finitude and the intricate mind exercises.

With the incredible photography of Marius Panduru and an intelligent adaptation of the original work, Jude paints on canvas a faded reality that seems to constantly exceed the limits of reason, creating dreamlike universes that unfold in binaries, soul-body, life-death and beauty-horror. The Romanian director achieves an interesting glance at the between-war period, in which the world seems convalescent, bedridden and surrounded by torment, with the constant impression that "nothing is real”.


A. S.



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