The First Lap

Silver Astor for Best Screenplay - Kim Dae-hwan

In the limit between past and future, the fears of a young couple start invading the screen. Su-hyeon y Ji-young have been together for several years, until a point of inflection awakens the ghosts of unresolved issues. The family concept and the visit to their respective parents is a smart excuse to dig into social, cultural and generational differences in today's South Korea.
Young director Kim Dae-hwan delves again, as in his first film, End of Winter (2014), into the core of family bonds, only that this time, the family is profusely presented as a system that controls, repress and asphyxiates a clear mise and abyme of the political critique to the rest of the institutions.
That boiling point -perfectly magnified by a solid and sensitive script- proposing an introspective look towards a couple in the midst of a crisis, works wonderfully to debate social conflicts and urgencies. Kim Dae-hwan chooses, for his last film, to portrait this story in which the burden of decision making seems to be amplified by the others’ expectations.


Agustina Salvador



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