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Contagious Happiness

With a very personal body of work that keeps influencing Wes Anderson, Judd Apatow or Richard Llinklater, Hal Ashby is celebrated in the Festival's VHS Generation section with two of his classics and a documentary about him. 


In this edition of the festival, Generation VHS – to which all of us belong, thanks to this format which marked the beginning of the democratization of cinema – pays homage to an author who  is always present, not only because of the immortality of his own work,  but also by his powerful influence on filmmakers like Wes Anderson, Alexander Payne, Judd Apatow and Richard Linklater. So great is his influence that a complete retrospective would not be enough, as we would have to include the films of his heirs, who follow his precepts, imitate his style or directly pay homage to him by continuing in the same line of his universes. What is certain is that Hal Ashby cemented his eclectic but very personal career through the strength of his understanding the cinematographic language like few others, and insisting on a simple idea: the story is born of the characters. Perhaps a lot of this has to do with the fact that Ashby started his career as an editor, one of the final stages of feature film making, like Don Siegel, David Lean and John Sturges, great editors who became great directors. This “beginning at the end” is very Ashby, a filmmaker who passionately challenged the powerful studios that hired him and gambled for his projects, always putting emphasis in his work on the group process. And maybe because of this, everyone who worked by his side tends to speak of his values as a person. In this festival we offer a modest homage and an invitation to our audience to continue watching the rest of his filmography. We cannot think of a better way to spread happiness.

Pablo Conde



Harold & Maude Hal Ashby - USA - 1971

SUN 11 - 1:30 pm - AMB 3
FRI 16 -
 7:30 pm - AMB 4


Shampoo Hal Ashby - USA - 1975

SUN 11 - 2:00 pm - AMB 4
THU 15 -
 10:00 pm - AMB 4


Hal -Amy Scott - USA - 2018

SA 10 - 9:30 pm  - AMB 2 
SUN 11 -
 4:00 pm - AMB 3



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