The Bergman Century

Ingmar Bergman was always the home team: Argentine audiences were one of the most fervent followers of his work. In the centennial of his birth, the 33rd Festival celebrates him with an 8-film program, a book, and an exhibition.






Argentina and Sweden are two nations with great cinematographic traditions. A single act unites us: our nation was one of the first to appreciate the value of the great filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, creating a close artist-audience relationship that would last for decades and would have an impact on our film, theater, psychoanalysis, the struggle against censorship and our way of thinking.


In 2018, on the 100th anniversary of his birth, we attempt to recover those ties that through art brought together two nations that are so geographically distant. This event was born of this intention which will carry this union through to the 33rd International Mar del Plata Film Festival.


One part of this homage will take place at the Museo Casa Castagnino with an exhibition for the lovers of cinema and art that will follow Bergman’s footsteps in Argentina through posters of his films’ premieres here, along with Bergman 1 in 100, which covers his influence on the language of fashion and design. Bergman 1 in 100 is a joint venture of the Swedish Embassy, the Secretary of Culture of Argentina, INCAA and the International Mar del Plata Film Festival, and a co-production between the Swedish Institute and the Casa Nacional del Bicentenario (Argentina’s National House of the Bicentennial).


A second part will present the edition of a collector’s book, beautifully illustrated and printed, with articles by critics and historians of the current Argentine cinema, analyzing the repercussions of Bergman in Argentina over time. The book was compiled and edited by Raul Manrupe and includes writings by Alejandra Portela, Paula Vazquez Prieto, Eduardo Russo, Hernan Gaffet, Fernando G. Varea, Adrian Muoyo and Diego Schulman. The book will be accompanied by a series of graphic works by artists such as Augusto Costhanzo, El Niño Rodríguez, Santi Pozzi, Maicas and Sposito.  


And finally, eight of Bergman’s feature films will be screened at the festival, thanks to the support of the Swedish Embassy, the Film Swedish Institut and Miranda Distributions.




100 Years of Ingmar Bergman in Argentina


Un verano con Monika / Summer with Monika - Sweden - 1953 - 97’

Cuando huye el día / Wild Strawberries - Sweden - 1957 - 90’

El séptimo sello / The Seventh Seal - Sweden - 1957 - 96’

Persona - Argentina - 1966 - 85’

Sonata Otoñal / Autumn Sonata - Sweden - 1978 - 93’

Fanny y Alexander / Fanny and Alexander - Sweden - 1982 - 188’

Saraband - Sweden - 2003 - 107’

Bergman Island, by Marie Myreröd - Sweden - 2006 - 174’



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