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Choose Your Own Adventure

Once you get a hold of your program guide, putting together a path among so many possibilities can be a titanic task. Here is a basic summary to understand the Festival’s internal structure and find the best choices for each cinephile.






Beyond the Competences, the Auteurs section is like a mini festival itself, with names and titles that nurture international cinephilia. An update of an extensive career in some cases, the confirmation of what was once a promise in others, in names that are written in capital letters: Lee Chang-dong, Olivier Assayas, Patricia Mazuy, Valeria Sarmiento, Spike Lee, Corneliu Porumboiu, Ben Wheatley, Hong Sang-soo, Carlos Vermut, Albert Serra, Jean-Marie Straub and Júlio Bressane are some of the must-haves of this edition.


Original Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack is a place for those films that have music as a beacon to guide their narrative channels. And in this edition there are five discoveries: Almost Fashionable: A Film About Travis, where the Scottish band make their fans talk during a tour, while Carmine Street Guitars intrudes into a legendary local wood guitar Greenwich Village New York. At the local level, three documentaries deal with three very different scenes: Encandilan luces follows the exotic and psychotropic band Los Síquicos Litoraleños in their adventures; The Knacks: Leave me in the past, reconstruct the history of this particular national beat band, and A Girl's Band sheds light on the role of women on local stages with an indie approach.


Generation VHS

This is the opportunity to review masterpieces of past decades on the big screen, or to discover them in the finest conditions. This year, all the focuses point to the great Hal Ashby, the director who influenced filmmakers like Wes Anderson, Alexander Payne, Judd Apatow and Richard Linklater, among many others. In addition to two of his films -Harold & Maude and Shampoo-, a documentary called simply Hal presents his various facets.


Midnight Screamings

Few cinephile celebrations are as mythical as those that usually take place late at night at the Ambassador cinema. Those who have been there know what we are talking about. Some of the strongest emotions of the Festival will gather there. Paranoid thrillers, Japanese adrenaline adventures, satanic cults and psychotronic nightmares of different caliber are some of this year's proposals for the creatures of the night. Guaranteed fun.


Open Veins

Latin American genre films continue to grow, and that is why this year, the eighth consecutive one, takes place again at the Festival. The bulk of the directors that inhabit the Open Veins are already well-known figures for the public such as Daniel de la Vega, Pablo Parés, Rodrigo Aragão and the Onetti brothers, who are joined by Manuel Facal, already deeply rooted as a filmmaker. Bloody stories of swamp, tributes to the giallo, dark parties, classic black police and post-apocalyptic futures are the frames chosen by these talented filmmakers to frighten, entertain and reflect.


Children by the Sea

It is known that children can be the most demanding of audiences. And festivals are not usually the exception. This edition will present ten short and long stories that encourage the connection between entertainment and learning, music and experiment, craftsmanship and sophisticated animation production techniques.


New Auteurs

In its fourth year, this section affirms itself as the place where new talents on the international scene reverberate their power with fresh and new proposals that await to be discovered by new cinephilia.


Senses of Humor

Film festivals must include comedies. Not only because they are vital to understand cinema as a whole, but because they are necessary for a myriad of reasons. For starters, leaving them aside makes them look like they are a minor genre -there is no such thing- or something relegated to box office interests. In this section there are a handful of films from France, Argentina, the United States and Uruguay that show how you can make people laugh in very different, almost opposite ways. And we have no doubt that in the theaters laughter, smiles, and even crooked grimaces are contagious. We have to allow ourselves get carried away.


Super 8 - 16mm

In Argentina, the Super 8 and 16mm formats were early adopted by occasional filmmakers, but mostly by a handful of artists who saw in that technology an open door to capturing personal explorations. Luckily, film production remains active today. In its seventh consecutive year, the Festival offers an overview of the multiplicity of contemporary approaches within the borders of reduced formats, always with an emphasis on experimental works and documentaries, and a program dedicated to two pioneers: Luis Bras and Juan Villola.



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