Latin American Short Films

A Praise to Brevety

Once again, the Festival’s Latin American Short Film Competition has calibrated the thermometer to measure the high temperatures of this increasingly prevailing format, open to exploration and the exhibition of ideas. This time, short films come from Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. Eight directors from the vast and rich world of imagination of Latin America show their work, full of creativity and inventiveness.

Beach, by Francisco Borrajo  - Mexico - 2017 - 13´ 

Beach was born in an intuitive necessity of creating. I shot documenting my life as if it were a holiday trip. There are no scenes, only places and looks that arouse sensations. I like to think Beach was made from the filmic material I let mature for a while. I knew there was something there waiting to be discovered. The same thing happened to the script, which is constructed from messages, notes, other films and notebooks. Over time, it became a puzzle inspired in Chris Marker that I finished coloring with the 16 and 8 mm material and some footage. The text needed to sound as intimate as the imagery and the sound design so it would keep the audience hypnotized and make it part of the story. My goal was to create a short that could be confused with the memories of each of the spectators themselves.

Cerulia, by Sofía Carrillo - Mexico - 2016 - 13´

A house for sale along with all of its memories. The oneiric world and the path traced by imagination are part of this animated story where, like in one of Lewis Carroll's illusions, kids and animals are part of the same world.

Duelo, by Alejandro Alonso - Cuba - 2017 - 12´

The absence of a father and the nightmarish visions of chasing nocturne spirits that won't let you sleep. Yoán is a young man who has understood life consists of a great battle.

Macanao, by Clarissa Duque - Venezuela - 2017 - 12´

During the time I lived on the Island, the loneliness in the landscapes of Macanao and the relationship its inhabitants have with the sea made me experiment the terrible fear of losing my mother and I suffered a lot imagining what would my life be without her. We had no funds to make the film; the whole team joined out of love for the island, attracted by the story. The production was not easy and its difficulties risked, many times, the conclusion of the short. And even though is it a story of plagues, storms and a country agonizing in the midst of an economic crisis, our respect and love for Macanao pushed us to keep struggling to finish the project so we could actually say that we made it.

Shades, by Alejandro Small

Gus Gracey is a painter that sleeps among his canvases both physically and metaphorically. To open up the gates of his workshop was to open up the gates of his life, a space where the work of a man is indistinguishable from his thoughts. Shades fictionalizes this idea through time, words and sounds like surfaces that work in synchrony to create.

The Boatswain, by Alejandro Pérez - Cuba - 2017 - 13´

A shipwreck survivor in a lonely island. The water and the jungle connected by the green color and the passing of the hours with tobacco as solace. A story of forced desolation through the exploration of an interior world.

The Thread, by Pablo Polanco, Pietro Bulgarelli - Chile, Costa Rica - 2017 - 6´

The thread that connects us all, that connects energy to matter, matter to ideas, ideas to symbols, light to history, photon to silver halide, grain to image in motion, to alive image. It is a film about dreams and reality, about life and death. Connected through a wool thread.

Unravelling the Ocean’s Veil, de Quico Meirelles - Brazil - 2017 - 9´

Hey you, human being reading this synopsis. Yes, you who complains of time and death, of love and existence. Today is your lucky day: my life is way worse. And it only lasts six minutes.





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