France, a Guest of Honor

From the star presence of François Truffaut in the 60s to the recent visit of Claude Lelouch –with names like Bertrand Bonello, Olivier Assayas, Claire Denis and Pierre Étaix, among many others–, French cinema and its greatest representatives, always had an outstanding participation throughout the history of the Festival. This year, the relationship grows even closer. The 33rd Mar del Plata Film Festival is proud to welcome some of the most important artists of French film history, whose talent have forged some of its most famous moments.





Jean-Pierre Léaud

For the first time, Mar del Plata will welcome Jean-Pierre Léaud, an indelible face of world cinema who branded a movement (the Nouvelle Vague) that changed the history of cinema forever, since he inaugurated it as a child protagonist of The 400 Blows. At the age of 74, Léaud remains more active than ever, required by the most talented contemporary directors, and he will be presenting some of his memorable films, directed by people like François Truffaut, Jean Eustache and Albert Serra. The audience will have a chance to see classics like Stolen Kisses, The Mother and the Whore, and one of his most recent films: The Death of Louis XIV (2016). In addition, the legendary actor will participate in a meeting with the public.


Pierre Richard

If we are talking about famous faces, Pierre Richard's probably shares the podium with Léaud. The eternal French comedian, an unforgettable star of films like The Goat and The Fugitives and an accomplice of Gérard Depardieu in several classics, will be participating in this edition of the Festival, accompanying a retrospective devoted to his work both as a director and an actor. Pierre Richard's filmography shines and teaches us that humor is the most lasting gesture to remain in the memory of the audience –and laughter is the bravest attitude to face the world we live in. One could write many things to prove the genius of Pierre Richard, but perhaps the best thing to do is sit in an armchair to enjoy his films, and confirm his talent by watching his performances on the screen.


Léos Carax

Léos Carax is one of the most personal directors of his country, because he was able to visually capture the connection between cinema, modernity and a romantic and unforgettable Paris, in films like The Lovers of Pont-Neuf or Bad Blood. Ever since his early days as a director, Carax established a unique relationship between the history of cinema and its modernity, showing worlds in which the most dazzling artifice mixes with the documentary record, and silent film performances with poetic texts, creating moments destined to be unforgettable classics. Carax's art longs for a time when cinema was larger than life, and a director's ambitions did not stop at anything. The director of Holy Motors will present four feature films and meet the audiences.


As if that was not enough, there will also be a lot of French cinema throughout the entire Festival program: juries, critics and programmers will accompany high quality films featuring different themes and styles.



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