#Super8 #16MM

Small formats are still alive

In the field of action of filmmaking Super 8 and 16mm keep priving their power both for creating both documentary and experimental films. Three programs curated by Pablo Marín go over the current film production and bring back the work two pioneers: Luis Bras and Juan Villola.


Where the introduction of the 16mm format –in the 1920s– offered a more accessible way to make films, the emergence of Super 8 in the mid-sixties represented a far more radical expansion of global filmmaking. The introduction of cheap, light, automatic small-format cameras saw cinema embark upon a new stage in which novice directors were now able to share a more inclusive, relaxed, amateur perspective. In Argentina, Super 8 and 16mm were quickly adopted by amateur filmmakers but especially by a group of artists who saw in that new technology an opportunity for personal expression. Production in these media continues to this day. For the seventh consecutive year, the festival is sharing an overview of different contemporary approaches to reduced format filmmaking with an emphasis on experimental and documentary works. As usual, this section accompanies modern output with an homage to major figures from the past –on this occasion, to Juan Villola and animator Luis Bras– seeking to establish a dialogue with different generations of filmmakers who redefined the nature of cinema and its possibilities.

Pablo Marín





ViewsJuan Ignacio Slobayen - 2018

The Root of Lightness - Juan Ignacio Slobayen - 2018

Exile from Oneself - Tomás Rautenstrauch - 2017

Back and Forth de Michael Snow - Tomás Rautenstrauch - 2017

Self-medication - Jorge Doncel - 2018



Más paritarias, menos yuta Moira Lacowicz - 2018

Let´s Take a Walk - Moira Lacowicz - 2018

Factor de transcripción - María Eugenia Samman - 2017

Memories of the Future Past - Hernán Hayet - 2017



Toc toc tocLuis Bras - 1965

 Bongo rock - Luis Bras - 1969

 La danza de los cubos - Luis Bras -1976

 Danubio azul - Luis Bras - 1977

 El ladrón de colores - Luis Bras -1982

 Algo sobre lo mismo una vez más - Juan Villola - 1974-75

 To Be Continued - Juan Villola -1979

 Ámbitos - Juan Villola - 1979




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