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The Queer Side

The queer landscape of this edition of the Festival paints several program sections with the colors of the LGBTIQ+ flag. This is a walk through four films that share a dissident perspective.





  • Cassandro the Exotico!, directed by Marie Losier -International Competition-

Not-to-be-missed, there’s no doubt about that. After captivating the tough audiences of the Cannes Film Festival, this documentary by Marie Losier -famous for her 2011 film The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye- lands here and brings us an unforgettable character: the first queer wrestler to win a world championship title. Born in Ciudad Juárez, Saúl Almendariz entered the ring during the ‘80s not only to become a great wrestler, but also to fight the prejudice of a sexist, homophobic environment. The director paints a portrait of this wrestling star and LGBTIQ+ activist showing the most intimate side of a man who changed the history of gay wrestlers forever. Attention: the protagonist will be visiting Mar del Plata.


TUE 13 - 11:45 - AUD
TUE 13 - 19:45 - AUD
WED 14 - 15:00 - AUD

  • Tranny Fag, directed by Claudia Priscilla and Kiko Goifman -Latin American Competition-

From Mexico we travel to Brazil to meet Linn da Quebrada through a biographical documentary directed by Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla, which depicts the wide variety of realities experienced by this famous Brazilian trans singer, performer and activist. A physical film that gives us a chance to hear the voice of this groundbreaking artist, who drives a revolution on and off the stage – as she walks on leather boots through her hard times, those that made her strong enough to fight against a macho society through powerful choruses, with music as part of the LGBTIQ+ activism. A first-person account that makes us wonder how we were able to live so many years without having known the great Linn da Quebrada.


MON 12 - 10:20 - CIN 1
MON 12 - 21:40 - CIN 1
TUE 13 - 16:20 - CIN 1

  • I Remember the Crows, directed by Gustavo Vinagre -Altered States Competition-

This documentary by Gustavo Vinagre, one of the new voices of Brazilian cinema, isn’t focused on tracing the contours of a figure, but in drawing the bond between the portrayer and the portrayed: the director and her friend Julia Katharine, a Japanese-Brazilian trans actress. She opens up to the audience and shares, through the course of one long night, a handful of anecdotes that go from the darkest, saddest corner, to the most luminous. A magnetic character that plays with extremes through the power of speech, exposing how she discovered she was a victim at the same time she avoids victimization.


TUE 13 - 11:00 - AMB 2
TUE 13 - 19:50 - AMB 2
WED 14 - 10:30 - AMB 3

  •  Funeral Parade of Roses, directed by Toshio Matsumoto -Restored Films-

A Japanese queer film rarity that dates back to 1969 and, with the excuse of parodying Oedipus Rex, submerges us in a dreamy, black-and-white tale, between the French New Wave and Japan’s onnagata tradition. An experimental film set in 1960s Tokyo that describes the lives of nine gay persons, amidst the flesh, the blood and the glitter.


WED 14 - 22:00 - PAS 3
SAT 17 - 18:30 - CIN 2




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