Argentine Competition

Best Film - «The Black Tree» by Máximo Ciambella and Damián Coluccio


The first images of Ciambella and Coluccio’s film could well be a visual and geographical continuation of the ending of Lucrecia Martel’s Zama. Over a series of beautiful images, Qom goatherder Martín narrates a fascinating ancestral legend about how, eons ago, the sky and the earth were inverted and connected by a tree, and of the great fire that came later. The first half-hour shows Martín and other members of the community in natural, austere landscapes, with modernity and technology appearing sporadically in shots of a cell phone, of Martín’s motorcycle and of a bulldozer. However, when Martín takes a trip to a nearby town, we are fully inserted into the modern world of technology, which the Qom people want –but are not allowed– to be a part of.


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