Best Trailer and Best Poster 2016

The promotion of a film is a fundamental stage for any film production. A good poster design and a correct trailer editing are essential to attract the potential audience.
Thus, the Festival awards those who make use of their inventiveness and artistic ability to create posters and trailers that summarize the value of a work.

In this edition, 21 films participated: 19 trailers and 20 posters.
1071 people voted for the poster contest and 371 for the trailers’.
The winners are:
With 65 votes, the best trailer was for El invierno, by Emiliano Torres. The award goes to editors: Danile Casaba and Emiliano Torres.

On the other hand, the award for best poster goes to Soleada, by Gabriela Trettel. Pablo Di Patrizio was in charge of the design, which was voted by 244 people.




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