Pablo Conde

His younger years as a former video store clerk combined with his cinephile education, and for the past ten years Conde has shown his wide film preferences as a Festival programmer.





"We have a very solid edition ahead of us, in the finest sense of the word," says an enthusiast Conde. And he explains: "great guests -Léos Carax, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Pierre Richard, Valeria Sarmiento, Fran Healy, Mark Berger- and retrospectives of auteurs who live on through their work -Maya Deren, Ingmar Bergman, Wolfgang Staudte-”. In this context, he also highlights "our need that the Festival goes beyond movie theaters"


Pablo is a programmer, film critic, scriptwriter, editor and producer. He also majored in film editing at the National School of Film Direction and Experimenting (ENERC). He was also a co-founder of the website Encerrados Afuera, a former programmer of the VHS Generation program at MALBA with Marcelo Alderete, a co-author of Cine bizarro y fantástico hispano–argentino, and, according to himself, a ˝serial procrastinator". In order to manage all that, he says, you need "a bit of some joyful and healthy schizophrenia".


His love affair with cinema began a long time ago. "Screens have ruled over my life since I can remember," he says. First, it was the TV ("be that The Rifleman, The Pink Panther, Saturday action films, or any other film series), and then cinema ("back when they had double features and going to the movie theater was an event") His family moving South to Ushuaia changed everything. Still, there was "the new cable TV and some broadcasts on open-air channels, like Ushuaia's Channel 22 worked as a haven for a while". And, of course, what he doesn't hesitate to call the "VHS god": "it was a revolution for many people's lives throughout the country's inland towns and cities: it made film more democratic and allowed us to trace its history and discover thousands of different and exciting films. VHS was also what gave me my first job as a programmer, which is the disguised task of any good video store clerk". 


When recommending films for the Festival's 2018 edition, his choices are plenty and diverse, noting that “I leave aside local and competition films , so there is no favoritism”. So, remember: “Aaron Schimberg's Chained for Life; Gustavo Steinberg, Gabriel Bitar and André Catoto's Tito and the Birds; Shinsuke Sato's Inuyashiki; Zeek Earl and Christopher Caldwell's Prospect; Jacky Goldberg's Flesh Memory; Jim Cummings' Thunder Road; Ron Mann's Carmine Street Guitars; Hal Ashby's Harold & Maude; Toshio Matsumoto's Funeral Parade of Roses; Dennis Hopper's The Last Movie”.



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