Paola Buontempo

"We start with an aesthetic emotion, an impression after the first watch. We look for films that carry a personal mark and a perspective on cinema". That is a programmer's mission, according to Paola Buontempo. 





A filmmaker and a graduate in Audiovisual Communication from the National University of La Plata, she is making her debut as a Festival programmer this year, and foresees "an edition to be remembered, for its distinguished guests of renowned filmmakers, and for presenting films in tone with the their time, which establish a dialogue with both history and the present". Hence, she notes that her area's general criteria are thorough: "the program sections work as a reference to organize the programming and orient viewers. We work with that structure as a guide and at the same time we allow the tone of sections like Open Veins or Altered States to spread into official competitions.”


According to her, "Mar del Plata has the fortune of being a relevant festival for filmmakers from all over the world who send their films". Thus, the program becomes "a totality that aims to speak of the current status of contemporary cinema, both vast and unfathomable". In that sense, she highlights "a big recognition to Latin American cinema" as one of the main characteristics of this 33rd edition. 


Through her expertise, she recommends that we "pay attention to the short films programs". "There are short-duration wonders that make the most of the format's power," she states. And adds: "from the Auteurs section, which features renowned names like Jean-Marie Straub or Heinz Emigholz, to the new filmmakers who became regulars at this Festival, such as Ben Rivers or Deborah Stratman". And that's not all. "The official short film competitions –Argentine and Latin American– and the programs focused on the work of Laura Huertas Millán prove how today short films are not necessarily linked to a training or initiation stage. Both new and established filmmakers break through genres and assume brevity as an opportunity for exploration and analysis." 



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