Best International First Film

Young Critics Award - «Ashore» by Leonor Teles


Meet Albertino Lobo – a fisherman from Vila Franca de Xira –and his endearing family: his wife Dalia (homemaker and employee at a cafeteria), his daughters Lucia (who is organizing her wedding with Tiago) and Laura (who will mention many times the reasons that she will never get married), and his granddaughter Alice, daughter of Lucia and Tiago. Over the course of a year, Leonor Teles recorded with warmth and intimacy, a period in which the family lived through the deep conflictive changes that are nothing more nor less than the simple course of life: everything that Albertino and Dalia begin to see in retrospect is an unknown and painful challenge for their daughters. From the preparations for Lucia and Tiago’s ceremony to the Albertino’s bureaucratic dealings to recover his fishing license, from buying a vacuum cleaner to a birthday party, everything happens as if in a sigh.



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