Competencia Internacional

Audience Award - «Primas»

The man is at the same time the artist and the object of its art
Erich Fromm
Laura Bari has that peculiar cinematographic pulse that is close to the heart. That's her magic. In an everyday environment, she finds a story that portraits it everything, that embellishes life. This time, after the unforgettable Antoine, -2009, 24th Festival- her camera follows two teenager cousins, Rocío and Aldana, who transcend the screen with a charismatic positive attitude. Both victims of violent acts, which push them towards early adulthood, they manage to reach that meeting point where empathy and love make wonders.



Walking the line between fiction and documentary, Primas is an intense and magnified parable about two youngsters who share the same pain. A suffering that has been imposed from the outside, from an environment that seemed safe. But it is, mainly -and direcly- an exploration of human nature and the healing energy that frees us and help us reconcile with the world.
Rocío and Aldana move in front of Laura Bari's lens with an easy-to-love freshness from its most vital side that erases mediation. The sensible look this teenage duo develops is viscerally touching and it exorcises the ghosts of the exterior world. An example of resilience, Primas is a homage to the strength of the human spirit and the grandeur of the warming instants of friendship.
Agustina Salvador




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