First Film and Gender Perspective Forum

In line with the advances of the women's movement, for the first time in the history of the Festival there will be a space for discussion and exchange of perspectives on inequalities in the audiovisual industry, featuring speakers like Lucrecia Martel, Esther Díaz, Muriel Santa Ana and Florencia Etcheves.





This Festival edition will feature, for the first time, a Film and Gender Perspective Forum for collective reflection on gender inequalities in the world of cinema, and an opportunity to share actions and strategies. It will take place at Tronador Concert -Bvd. Maritime Patricio Peralta Ramos 3143- on Sunday 11 and Monday 12,  from 10:30 AM.


Moderated by Analía Barrionuevo –coordinator of the Gender Program of the University of Córdoba–, the forum will feature a series of speakers who will address the audience for ten minutes to discuss specific problems and experiences. Later, there will be an open dialogue to make agree on common grounds and propose possible strategies for the future. The first day of the Forum will be aimed at reviewing gender stereotypes and their possible deconstruction from the perspective of content in cinema, and the second day will focus on the types of inequalities that exist in the roles of audiovisual work environments behind the cameras.


Some of the participants of the first day include Lucrecia Martel, Noemí Frenkel, Valérie Massadian -French-Armenian filmmaker and Festival juror-, Brazilian trans actress Julia Katherine -star of I Remember the Crows-, actresses Calu Rivero and Muriel Santa Ana, and philosopher Esther Díaz. Participants in the second day include actress and activist Marina Glezer, Marcela Marcolini -scriptwriter of M. Acción-, Camila Fanego -from Technical Collective-, Silvana di Francesco -Mua-, Julieta Bilik -from Filmmakers Collective- and journalist and writer Florencia Etcheves. Expeted attendants also include Mercedes Moran, Maria Alche, Soledad Villamil, Maite Lanata and Ana Katz, among other personalities related to cinema and the women's movement.


"From the Festival's perspective, we can not be indifferent to the here and now where it takes place", says Cecilia Barrionuevo, artistic director of the Festival and one of the main promoters of this collaborative space. "The inequalities between men and women are very alive both in Argentina and in the rest of the world, and very strong things are happening in this regard. Thanks to the struggle of women throughout all of these years, we've built new spaces of visibility and construction. We at the Festival want to take those spaces and transcend the typical round table about 'Women in cinema', going a little bit further and bring forward analysis and action strategies. We are also interested in the representation of every film sector: filmmakers, producers, technicians, actresses, and even philosophers. This Forum is as a start, and hopefully it will work to exchange ideas", adds Barrionuevo.


As the gender agenda is now fully incorporated in media, politics and society, cinema echoed the changes and denunciations through the Time's Up and #MeToo international movements, which exposed the historical abuses of power within the industry. In Argentina, the mobilization and visibility of orgnized actresses was a key element in the fight for bodily integrity rights that was raised during the debate on the legalization of abortion.


In the field of arts and cinema, asymmetry continues to be a daily experience that should have a space for visibility and a debate in order to create courses of action tending to build equality, expand rights and achieve greater spaces for participation in different dimensions of society . That is the reason why this Forum wants to act as a meeting point from the perspective of women and non-binary identities within cinema, both behind and in front of the camera: we need to think about the cinema that is being made nowadays and its discourses, but also about how we produce it, because our presence in the industry also defines the stories we tell.


We look forward to seeing you!




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