Pure Cinema, from Start to Finish

The Festival's Opening and Closing nights will feature two of the most awaited films of the year.




Every beginning is a celebration. Every closure needs a finishing touch. This year, the Opening Night of the 33rd Festival will be Florianopolis Dream, the latest film Ana Katz, one of the most prolific and solid filmmakers in today's Argentine cinema. Starred by Mercedes Morán, Florianopolis Dream is a journey, a path to intimacy and to the heart of a family in crisis and to the depths of a woman.




Katz's fifth film features a middle class family that takes a trip imitating one they took years earlier. Nothing will be the same, not even nature –the exuberant one outside and the one that pulsates within each member of the family. The gaze of Lucrecia, in the skin and especially in the body of protagonist Mercedes Moran -who will be present in this edition of the Festival- revises the past and the future, and even dares to review a complex present.


The Closing Night will feature one of the most expected films: Roma, from Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, an Oscar winner in 2013 for Gravity. Cuarón has dedicated a nostalgic, beautiful and painful film to his own childhood. Based on his experiences growing up in the Mexico City neighborhood of the title, in Roma the main character and point of view is that of Cleo, the housekeeper of a home inhabited by four children, whom she loves as if they were her own, and their parents, a couple in the verge of breaking up. 




Before its release to the whole world on Netflix, the Festival gives you the unique chance to enjoy –in a film theater!– the last film of one of the most relevant filmmakers of contemporary cinema. 



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