What we see today

A classic; the closing ceremony is over, but the Festival continues. Today, do not miss the following films to continue enjoying the best of cinema worldwide. 

Liebig, by Christian Ercolano
A town that knew times of glory thanks to a meat extract factory; today is a place without identity. Its inhabitants remember the best years of their lives, while they live an uncertain present. 
At 12.10 pm - AMB 3

Night and Fog in Zona, by Jung Sung-il
Wang Bing focus was one of the surprises of this festival. In this documentary, Jung sung-il follows the documentalist during one of his shootings and at the same time displays the socio cultural present of China. 
At 12.40 pm - AMB 2 

Austerlitz, by Sergei Losnitza
A concentration camp, turned into a tourist center, is the objective of this new documentary work of the director of The Event. It is a frightening, mesmerizing, fascinating and moving experience. 
At 2 pm - ALD 2

Deux Rémi, Deux, by Pierre Léon
One of the most outstanding guests of this edition was Pierre Léon, a personal, cult filmmaker. Deux Rémi, Deux is his last work, a story of spells and magic that shows why Léon is one of the best secrets of French cinema. 
At 4.50 pm - ALD 2 

Paterson, by Jim Jarmusch
Adam Driver is the main character of the new material of Jim Jarmusch. A bus driver turned into poet represents the eyes of the director of Stranger Than Paradise. With romantic details, existentialism and subtle humor, Jarmusch is one of the most personal authors of American cinema. 
At 5 pm - AUD

The Fall of the Roman Empire, by Anthony Mann
Stephen Boyd, Sophia Loren and Alec Guinness head the cast of this impressive classic directed by Anthony Mann. It is a clear metaphor of the changes suffered by the United States during the 60s; an unforgettable epic. 
At 6.10 pm - PAS 3

The Woman Who Left, by Lav Díaz
Lav Díaz is one of the best narrators of contemporary Filipino cinema. Prodigious and meticulous in the mise-en scene, and superb in his way of portraying reality, this time he goes further with the story of a woman who was 30 years in prison. 
At 8.10 pm - AMB 3

Show People, by King Vidor
The Mar del Plata Symphony Orchestra puts music, at Teatro Colón, to this crazy satire about the first years of silent film in Hollywood. King Vidor is in charge of this work, in which great figures such as Charles Chaplin play themselves.
At 8.30 pm - Colón

Yourself and Yours, by Hong Sang-soo
A must; nobody can leave the Festival without watching the last of Hong Sang-soo. This melancholic humor that characterizes the director of Woman in the Beach is part again of a new story that combines alcohol, film directors and divided personalities. 
At 10.40 pm - CIN 2

Gushing Prayer, by MasaoAdachi
Masao Adachi was the most provoking director of the festival. Almost 60 years making films are proof of his status of controversial and political figure within the cinema and the Japanese culture. Gushing Prayer shows his most sexual profile when he depicts a group of teenagers discovering their bodies, in the middle of turbulent times. 
At 22.45 pm - PAS 3

Destruction Babies, by Mariko Tetsuya
Mariko Tetsuya strips the everyday violence of the young culture and the morbidity in social networks. A man whose only purpose is wandering the streets starting fights. His brother follows him and a teenager takes advantage of the situation to get cyber followers. Dark, cynical, violent and reflexive; it is a great option to end the 31st edition at the top. 
At 23.20 pm - AMB 2


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