«You could breathe a cinema feast in the air»

It was an exciting night and full of surprises. The Closing and award ceremony of the 31st edition was the ideal end for 10 days of pure cinema lovers adrenaline. 

"Everything has a beginning, a development and an end”, reminded us Vittorio Storaro during his visit to Mar del Plata, and this festival had its conclusion. But it was an end with great pomp, glamour and audiovisual quality, matching these ten days of pure cinema magic. 

The event started with an amazing Mapping that took all the spectators in the Auditorium Theater to the origins of life on planet Earth. The ceiling of Astor Piazzolla Room was covered by the wonderful work of Nos producer. 

Then, Andrea Frigerio, Master of Ceremony, welcomed everybody to the closing. 450 films have been screened and more than 120 spectators have attended the festival, breaking once more the record of the 30th edition. 

Municipio de General Pueyrredón authorities were present, as well as the ones of the National Institute of Cinema and Audio Visual Arts. After the official announcements, the Festival Epilogue was screened, carried out by INCAA Audiovisual Production Center. 

"Cinema cannot be defined with words. It is like love. You cannot talk about it, you have to feel it”, concluded Lorena Muñoz, jury of the International Competition. These words that close the video were replied by the host of the event, but they are also symbol of the spirit lived during the Festival. 

"The great challenge was continue what was done in previous administrations and add our imprint”, declared INCAA president Alejandro Cacetta. "The results were there to be seen: there were more spectators. During these ten days, you could breathe a cinema feast in the air. The objective was achieved. In addition, thanks to the Streaming, the festival could be seen everywhere. For more Mar del Plata, for next year”.

The Fes
tival president, José Martínez Suárez said that films from 53 countries participated and 43,3 % was Latin cinema. "We select the productions for their quality, not for their nationality”. And added: "We want Mar del Plata to be declared National Capital of Cinema. The Festival will always be in Mar del Plata, and so will I”. 

Subsequently and after the artistic director Fernando Martín thanked the staff, the award ceremony started.

Among the most moving testimonies we can mention the main character of the Work in Progress, Extraño, by Natural Arpajou, who thanked the award and was happy that shanty town people can get to the cinema, quoting the death professor of shanty town theater Julio Arrieta.

The event had three deluxe musical moments, previous to the awards ceremony to the diverse official competitions. 

Ariel Ardit delighted the public with "Volver”, La Charo, along with Luis Reales, moved us singing "La Jardinera”, by Violeta Parra and the great Elena Roger interpreted again one of her most emblematic characters: Mina Mazzini. 

Tomás De Leone, winner for the best film of the Argentine Competition for El aprendiz said: "Cinema gave me discipline. I hope I will be an apprentice all my life”. 

The international competition had the honor of receiving the words of Sonia Braga, from Brazil, thanking the Festival and the jury for the Silver Astor for best actress for Aquarius

This year the Alfredo Alcón Award for Best Actor was for Muhersala Alí, for Moonlight.

To conclude, the Golden Astor for best Feature Film of the International Competition was for PeopleThat are not Me, by Israeli director, Hadas Ben Aroya, present at the ceremony. 

"I am so moved”, said the winner. "Very happy because such a small film could touch the public in this way. This is the magic of cinema. Mar del Plata, I love you”. 

The event ended up with Roger, Ardit and La Charo, together, singing, Todas las voces todas, by César Isella, as a symbol of how thanks to the help and collaboration of programmers, staff, directors and public a Festival of such characteristics can be offered in Argentina. 

Thank you for everything. See you at the 32nd!


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