Pump Up The Volume

Ever since the first mythical film screening –with a piano next to the screen– music has always been a part of cinema. Programmer Pablo Conde introduces Original Soundtrack, the section that celebrates that timeless connection.





“Rhythm is gonna get you,” ran the chorus to a song from the eighties and it’s a patent, unavoidable truth: the rhythm, patterns and mathematics of music are all part of a precise framework that we rarely notice but that essentially determines every last detail of our existence. Perhaps, behind this imperceptible math we find a pleasure that elevates us; our musical tastes are beholden to patterns that can be both simple and intricate, straightforward and complex. And if invisible math governs music, it certainly does cinema too. Here the equations are more elaborate simply because there are more factors involved: it is within them that the keys to a film’s alchemy lie. And this makes the pleasure gleaned still greater. Music is a way of life: it is the backbone of all the films featured in this section and what ties them so closely together. Happily, however, they could not otherwise be more different in terms of subject, formal structure or essential objectives. Documentaries about very active bands, from the past (Los Knacks: Déjame en el pasado), the present (Almost Fashionable: A Film About Travis) and even the future (Dazzle Lights, a Psychotropic Journey with Los Síquicos Litoraleños), about the craft of instrument-making (Carmine St. Guitars) and the urgent need to increase the presence of women in rock (A Girl’s Band) leave us in no doubt: we have no choice but to let the rhythm get us.



Almost Fashionable: A Film about Travis - Fran Healy - USA, France, Germany, Mexico - 2018 - 60’

Carmine Street Guitars - Ron Mann - Germany - 2018 - 80’

Encandilan luces, viaje psicotrópico con Los Síquicos Litoraleños / Dazzle Lights, a Psychotropic Journey with Los Síquicos Litoraleños - Alejandro Gallo Bermúdez - Argentina - 2018 - 80’

Los Knacks: Déjame en el pasado / The Knacks: Leave Me in the Past - Mariano Nesci, Gabriel Nesci - Argentina - 2018 - 108’

Una banda de chicas / A Girl's Band - Marilina Giménez - Argentina - 2018 - 85’




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